In this multi cultural environment, we are often left reeling in the aftermath of kids’ honest yet witty observations! Enjoy these hilarious anecdotes shared by parents around the world of how their kids see the world around them.

What color is my face?

A recent conversation with my little one who’s 4. What color is my face? My response: What makes you ask? She said “Your face is brown. My Aba’s (Hebrew for Dad) face is white. What color is my face?” My response. “You are a beautiful mix of my brown skin and your Aba’s white skin.” Her response was “So I am brown and white.” My response. “Umm yes.” – Rivkah Krasnoff

Chinese Food

A few years ago Euphoria told me that when she was 3 or so she thought I was Chinese because we went out for Chinese food all the time and I was the same color as the people who owned the Chinese restaurant, while she, her grandma and dad were all brown skinned people. I still find that story funny. Janeane Davis

Where am I from ?

My son, 3 at the time said, “Let’s kick the gringos” or something similar…I’m US American (a gringa) and my husband is Guatemalan. We live in Guatemala and my son was talking with his cousins when he said this. Sometimes “gringos” are perceived in a negative light, due to the history of US influence in the country. It was as if he had no idea he is also part “gringo” or was rejecting that identity. I thought it was kind of funny, but we’ve since talked a bit more about names for people, where we come from and how some people are mean to others because they look different from them. – Rachel Peachy

Indian Freckles

While living abroad in Ireland, I was waiting for the train with my two young girls one day. We sat down next to a Indian woman who had a large mole on her face (I have many and have always called them “freckles”) and my toddler who didn’t have a lot of words at the time pointed and screamed “Mommy, look! Freckle face…freckle face!” I was mortified and did not know how to react at all! – Melissa Hall Roy

You are Wipe !!

I’m African American but I’m very light skinned. I gave birth to both of my children and each one of them, in conversations years apart told me that I was wipe (white) and tried to argue me down when i said i was African American like them. They were like “Ohh hooo no Mommy! (chuckling) You’re WIPE!” Shaking their heads as if I was the most simple minded nitwit on the planet.Pam Brown Margolis

Funny at Church

My then-five year old son asked in church why his dad wasn’t going up to the altar to receive communion. He replied, “Because I’m not Catholic.” So my son asked, “Are you Jewish?” His Dad said no. So my son blurted loudly, “I get it! You’re African American!” His dad is very white. Lots of laughs from those around us. Maria Leonard Olsen

Disney Kissing

My 4 year old nephew was watching tv with his dad. An intimate scene came on the screen his dad ” Go get me some water”  Him: ” Why now? ” Dad: ” you can’t see these things.”
Him: ” why don’t you tell me this when Alladin kisses Jasmine ,? Or when you kiss Mumma?” We were stumped! – Mayuri Sinha

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