Sparkles of Joy


Request a personal message by the author and a signed copy of this children’s book that celebrates diversity and inclusion.

#1 in Holiday Children’s Books
#1 in Asia America Children’s Books
#1 in Non Religious Children’s Books
#1 in Jewish Fiction for Kids
#1 in Lesson Planning for Educators

Caleb, a new neighbor joins a festive themed playdate. Will Riya and her friends be able to make Caleb feel comfortable?

Diversify your library with a children’s book that talks about Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah and how we can all sparkle with kindness.  A great way to transition to early chapter books.

A  must have for any child who wants to learn a little more about these festivals, the world around them and how we truly sparkle!

The Sparkling Me Series books for global kids is geared to empower kids aged 6-9. Perfect for boys, girls, early readers and elementary school students. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike.

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