A book of 30 plus essays is a collaborative effort of 25 mothers around the world, with Aditi Wardhan Singh at its helm.

A book that aims to follow the footsteps of Strong Roots Have No Fear and focuses solely on raising the global mindset of families around the world. The chapters have been written by female pioneers / entrepreneurs from all over the globe, each working individually towards shifting the global dialogue.

It is a wonderful addition to the conversations we need to be having in raising community builders.

❖ The cultural challenges families around the world are facing.
❖The ways in which we can overcome the daily struggles.
❖ Stories of struggle and triumph.
❖Conversations you need to be having with your child in their formative years.
❖ How to raise your child to be a global citizen

The crux of our book

The topics within the book range from:

• Living an expat life,
• Traveling with kids,
• Effects of war and displacement,
• Language learning strategies, Dealing with moving, Tough conversations that create acceptance like privilege, racism, skin color,
• Cultural appropriation and many more.

We aim to provide a manual of sorts to families who desire to raise their children accepting of themselves and others. To create a dialogue for diversity and world unity.