A Children’s Book that Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion


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Caleb, a new neighbor joins a festive themed play date. Will Riya and her friends be able to make Caleb feel comfortable?

Diversify your library with a children’s book that talks about Diwali, Christmas and Hanukkah and how we can all sparkle with kindness.  A great way to transition to early chapter books.

A  must have for any child who wants to learn a little more about these festivals, the world around them and how we truly sparkle!

The Sparkling Me Series books for global kids is geared to empower kids aged 6-9. Perfect for boys, girls, early readers and elementary school students. Excellent resource for counselors, parents, and teachers alike.

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5 Star Review by READER’S FAVORITE

There are many celebrations around the world that honor the beauty and meaning of light: candlelight, sparkling lights of all sizes and description. Riya invites her friends, Ella, Dev, Warren, and the new neighbor, Caleb, over to her house for a playdate and to share her knowledge of the Muslim celebration of Diwali. The children are excited and, as they learn some of the symbolism of Riya’s celebratory activities and enjoy her food, they share their own celebrations with Christmas, noting the similarities and differences. Caleb, the new boy, is shy but in the end, he shares the fact that he is Jewish and his family celebrates Hanukkah, another celebration of lights.

Aditi Wardhan Singh’s picture book story, Sparkles of Joy: A Children’s Book that Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion, is a charming comparison of three different religious beliefs and celebrations. The main characters, all children, are eager to learn and share their own traditions. The plot develops in a user-friendly format that encourages young readers to seek, understand, appreciate, and accept other people’s beliefs and celebrations. The colorful illustrations brighten the story, making it a gem of sparkles as the title suggests. Each part of the Diwali celebration is carefully explained and, as the children learn, they share their own experiences. As each child shares their traditions, they shine and sparkle with joy, just as Riya sparkles as the beautiful hostess in this playdate. I love one of the closing lines: “Their hearts glow with the joy of togetherness.” Isn’t that what life is all about? Being together and celebrating our diversities? Beautifully told.

5 Star Reviews by Readers

Vic Garlock

This book depicts children from a family of Indian descent celebrating Diwali with their friends. The children teach the other kids about the meaning of Diwali while they eat Indian snacks, make Diwali crafts, and try on traditional clothes. The children compare the Diwali festivities with various features of Christmas and Hanukkah, which are also festivals of light. Thought questions and additional information are provided at the end. This book highlights both the unique features of each holiday tradition, as well as some of their similarities. Most importantly, it provides a glimpse into how our world can become a more peaceful place — through the curiosity and understanding of our children.


I like the concept of introducing kids to different cultures through a festive playdate. These festivals, though celebrated by different cultures, have a lot in common. This was our first book on Hanukkah. The book aptly captures how Diwali is celebrated by people of different cultures differently. There is a detailed recipe for making diyas towards the end of the book as well. The book has some practical conversation starters and ideas on planning a festive playdate too.

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