Counter the Effects of Addiction in Teens With Support

Counter the Effects of Addiction in Teens With Support

Parents hoping to receive treatment for addiction often worry about how this recovery journey will affect their children. With the proper treatment and precautions to protect children from the effects of addiction, individuals in recovery can achieve sobriety, while healing their familial relationships. Read on to learn how parents can seek treatment without negatively affecting their children.

Consider Inpatient Care

Inpatient residential care is likely the most intensive form of rehab treatment. Allowing clients to undergo detox and receive treatment in a residential facility (inpatient care) will give parents the best opportunity to overcome addiction. Over a period of several weeks or months, parents will learn to overcome their addiction and develop new routines. This will help them rebuild their lives after rehab.

Meet with a Therapist

Therapy is an essential part of treatment. While detox programs and residential treatment are crucial for healing the body from the effects of addiction, therapy helps clients achieve emotional and mental sobriety. In inpatient treatment, you’ll receive group therapy, individual counseling, and family therapy. As you learn new techniques, they will help you overcome the old habits that facilitated your addiction.

Make Your Home a Sober Environment

After receiving treatment from an addiction recovery center, it’s important to prepare for your new life outside of treatment. While residential care prepares clients for a life of sobriety, coming back to your home after rehab can be particularly triggering. If you’re planning to live at home after rehab is over, make sure to give your home a thorough cleaning.

Transform your home into a sober environment by eliminating all sources of addiction. This includes everything from alcohol and drugs to anything that may trigger you like photos of old friends or similar items.

Have Children Stay with Family During Recovery

Recovery is a long process that isn’t limited to your time in inpatient treatment. As you acclimate yourself to your newfound sobriety and life outside of rehab, it’s important to make sure your children have a safe environment as well.

If possible, send your children to stay with other family members or friends during your initial period of recovery after rehab. As you become more solidified in your sobriety and your daily routines, your children will be able to return to a safe and sober environment.

Addiction treatment is the best option for parents hoping to achieve sobriety and create a healthy environment for their family members. Make sure your children experience the benefits of recovery by taking this information into consideration.