Complete Guide to Homeschooling – 50+ Websites, Apps and Learning Resources

Are you schooling from home or your schools are closed? Here are fun and additional ways you can help your child build their education and supplement their growth and learning.


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Welcome to our new Adventure!

from a Worldschooling / Gameschooling mother!

“Learning while Laughing”

I like to share my family’s learning adventures! There is only one aim: The best learning happens when you are having fun! So, are you ready to come “adventuring” with me! You are now the official “Leader of the Mischief”. Wait! Stop! That was supposed to say “Homeschool Teacher” but it’s tea time so….

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Listening to Audibooks whilst playing Lego, making craft, or playing puzzles.

Audiobook suggestions:

Winnie the Pooh by A A Milne

  • A Bear called Paddington – Michael Bond
  • Alice in Wonderland by C S Lewis
  • Ronald Dahl reading his story stories : Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Julia Donaldson – we love all her books – The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom

Making Origami paper planes – Did you know it is actually an international sport for predominately Engineers and Mathematicians.

PBS kids in USA has lots of fabulous mini documentary cartoon style learning programs.

For extra ideas google homeschooling ideas for “Preschool with Netflix”.

ABC4kids in Australia likewise – tv, online, or app

Learning with arts and crafts:

“DLTK’s Crafts for Kids features a variety of printable children’s crafts, coloring pages, worksheets and activities including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children’s favorite cartoon characters.”

Easy Origami for instructions for kids.

Grades K – 2:

Educational games and apps for kids grade K-5

Specializes in Reading, writing, maths and phonics.

Grades 3+

Explore cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates and other scientific topics.
Explore Periodic Table Basics, States of Matter, Structure of Atoms, Changes in Matter, Chemical and Physical Changes, Solids, Enzymes, Solutions and other science topics.

Explore astronomy, space exploration, and science topics.

Explore the earth sciences that includes topics on the Earth’s structure, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere, and other science topics.

Their mission is to provide a free world class education to anyone worldwide.

Explore motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, light, modern physics and other science topics.

Brain works – Neuroscience for kids


Educational programs videos / documentaries
(Available on YouTube)

Scishow kids (

Science explained in short documentaries.

Also for older kids 12+ checkout Scishow (confirm content suitable for your child first)

Crash Course kids – STEM resources (–3Tu2Ed)

Also for older kids 12+ checkout Crash Course (confirm content suitable for your child first)

Dinosaur Train – Dinosaurs and more Dinosaurs. (

Ready Get Go! – About space, astronomy (

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – teaching mindfulness (

Super Why! – Learning about letters, words and how they work (

Wild Kratts – Wildlife rangers (

Tinga Tinga Tales from Africa – short video documentaries in colorful animated African designed (

Languages Learning


Adam wa Mishmish – cute songs to learn (

Learn the Arabic Alphabet

( )

Learn Arabic numbers


Ahlan Simsim – Arabic Sesame Street



For French Immersion


A cup of French:


Animals ( )


Lessons for Japanese but you can choose from 28 different languages to start.

( )


Miss Panda’s ‘Playful Chinese Podcasts’

( )

Miss Panda’s Chinese playground – stories read in Mandarin Chinese


Sesame Street in Mandarin


Online or Apps to Use:

Duolingo – Learn many different languages online or in their app

Learn languages online or ap

App – Chineseskill – Learn Mandarin Chinese


Chemistry Periodic Table App

( )

Maths Tricks App

( )

Other Services

Since many kids are/will be home from school, sharing an awesome list of ideas from a parent who homeschools.

Online resources:
– BrainPop
– Curiosity Stream
– Tynker
– Outschool
– Udemy
– iReady
– Beast Academy (Math)
– Khan Academy
– Creative Bug
– Discovery Education

YouTube Channels:
– Crash Course Kids
– Science Channel
– SciShow Kids
– National Geographic Kids
– Free School
– Geography Focus
– TheBrainScoop
– SciShow
– Kids Learning Tube
– Geeek Gurl Diaries
– Mike Likes Science
– Science Max
– SoulPancake

Lots of board games, library books (and Kindle), tinkering/upcycling with household junk, etc.
Some resources to help with kids at home:

*Scholastic has created a free learn-from-home site with 20+ days of learning and activities.

*Pretend to travel the world..Go on a virtual tour of these 12 famous museums.

*This is the awesome free curriculum that we use. Everything from preschool activities to 12th grade is here!

*List of thinking games by grade:

*More awesome free learning websites that we like to use*

Please feel free to share this with anyone who you think may benefit from this.

The Paradox of Racing Time in Parenting

The Paradox of Racing Time in Parenting

To say that I’m time-obsessed would be an understatement. But it is also true that I was not like this all my life. I have always been the laid-back kid who never feels the urge to rush. I took my own sweet time to get around to doing anything.

I took time to warm up to people. I took time to understand a new concept being taught. But something about having my own kids changed my entire perspective.

The clock-obsessed lady was hiding under the surface of that calm, slow little girl. Now everything that I do revolves around the clock. I have to finish cooking by 10, sit with my son to do his homework from 4:30 to 5:30, take my daughter to a class at 6, pick up my son from his class at 4:30 and so on so forth. The time obsession has moved on to such level that I get impatient if I feel any member of my family seems to be relaxed, a little too relaxed in my opinion, especially if we are all getting ready for some event.

And of all the events, doctor’s appointments are the worst! The fact that you have to be somewhere at a fixed time can get your blood pressure raising very high. And if you add traffic in to this mix, it can really cause you to hyperventilate.

So you’re sitting there, not moving an inch, in the midst of the worst traffic of your life (to be honest, they all seem like that), one eye on the road hoping the car ahead of you will move and another eye on the ticking clock, your pulse raising with every increase of the minute hand.

You sit there wishing that you had started earlier than you did from home. You sit there trying to resist the urge to say some mean things to the guy who cut in front of you, after-all the whole point of this whole circus, the apple of your eye, your little son is sitting right behind you. You wonder why did everyone have to step out of their house exactly on the same day and at the same time when you were running late just a few minutes,  only to find that now you’re running a lot more than a few minutes late. And as you have nothing else to do, you drum on the steering wheel, make loud sighing noises and the merciless clock just keeps ticking and ticking and ticking.

For a second, you wonder if all the clocks in the world should be trashed in some dumpster for mocking your helplessness and then let out another huge sigh and drum some more on the steering wheel. Finally, after what seems like zillion minutes, the traffic lets out, and you feel like you’re flying through the streets.

Your turn to mock the clock. And so the dance continues, you win some you lose some.


Neha Narayan is a 9th grader in high school. She likes biking, drawing, and, well, watching YouTube. She hopes to be successful in whatever she decides to do.

Sangeetha Narayan likes to do everything. From writing, reviewing books, and being a great mother (even if she does say so herself) she keeps herself busy. She hopes to continue writing and reviewing and become successful.



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How to make a Paper Octopus

How to make a Paper Octopus | DIY Kid’s Crafts

It’s almost summer and its a perfect time for DIY projects, especially that the kids are going to be always home. So let’s dive deep with this cute Paper Octopus Craft that’s absolutely fun to make.

This is a simple craft activity that you can do with your kids at home or make this with your class at school or kindergarten. The cheerios that we glue on to the octopus tentacles make the octopus more real and cute. Let’s get started.


Supplies Needed:

  • Construction paper of different colors
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Punch hole
  • Cheerios
  • String
  1. Take any two construction papers and fold it into a half, trace and cut the octopus shape as shown in the video.
  2. Now using them as a template cut another octopus shape from the other two construction paper. But this time make sure the tentacles are faced with a different angle. Watch the video for more clear information.
  3. Paste all the octopus shapes together aligning one after another.
  4. Cut the paper into an oval size shape and paste onto the octopus head. Paste the google eyes over the oval-shaped paper.
  5. Fill all the sides of the octopus head with round color papers of different sizes.
  6. Using a punch hole create some round shaped papers and paste it all over the tentacles with a regular gap.
  7. Once dried, paste the Cheerios onto the tentacles in the gaps between punch hole papers.
  8. Punch a hole in the head of the octopus and add a string to hang it or play with it.

That’s it! A cute adorable Paper Cheerios Octopus is ready to have fun with. Isn’t it a great paper craft idea? Let me know what how much do you like it. If you have created a different version of this, feel free to share with me.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!


Origami Mini Heart Photo Frame- DIY Fridge Magnet

Origami Mini Heart Photo Frame- DIY Fridge Magnet

Origami Mini Heart Photo Frame is a perfect project for kids (and beginner grown-ups, too!). This makes a beautiful last minute gift for Mother’s day too! Haven’t got time to get your mom a gift? Just grab a paper and make this photo frame and gift her with a favorite pic in it, Voila! Addition to this adorable paper gift, paste a magnet in the back side of the frame and make it as a fridge magnet. Wouldn’t be a great idea to record your happy memories in the kitchen?


Let’s get started with the supplies you need:
  • 12×12 cm square patterned paper or origami paper
  • Glue Gun
  • Magnet button
  • Mini square photo
  1. Take a 12×12 cm square paper and fold it all the side to create crease all over the paper.
  2. Now carefully fold the paper and make the photo frame as shown in the video.
  3. Once done, place a square size pic inside the frame.
  4. To make it as a fridge magnet, paste a button magnet in the back side of the frame.

That’s It! A cut photo frame plus a fridge magnet is ready! I am sure this simple yet creative craft will be a great addition to your craft adventures.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

Origami Mini Heart Photo Frame - DIY Fridge Magnet

Mother's day canvas painting

How To Make A Kid’s DIY Canvas Painting For Mother’s Day Card

Waited until the last minute? Looking for a fun and easy card or keepsake for your kids to make for Mother’s Day?

Then you are in right place.

This sweet DIY canvas art is simple to make and great for children of all ages! With a simple rose stamping, you can make mom feel extra special with a beautiful bouquet canvas art for your mom or your grandmother. They make wonderful keepsakes and will be treasured for years to come! Let’s get started with the supplies you need.


Supplies Needed:
  • Lettuce head
  • Kids paint
  • Chenille stem
  • Satin ribbon
  • Any decorative embellishment
  • Glue
  • Scissor
  • Marker

Easy day card for all people who waited till the last minute. Make the mom in their life extra special.

  1. Pour some kids paint in a palette and dip the lettuce head on the color and make the rose stamps on the canvas.
  2. For the stem, use a chenille stem and glue it to the canvas. I used hot glue gun which is not advisable for kids to do alone. Adults can help this part.
  3. Create a bow from a satin ribbon and paste it to the stem. You can use any embellishment to decorate the bow.
  4. Add a personal touch to this bouquet art by making leaves from your little one’s thumbprint.
  5. Finally, add your love note.

Yay! A beautiful bouquet Canvas Art gift is ready to surprise your Mom or your Grandmother for this Mother’s day. A great alternative to an easy Mother’s Day card.  I am sure this will remain a special gift to them.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

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Featured Image DIY Paper Pinwheel

How To Make A Pin-less Paper Pinwheel That Spins

Paper Pinwheels are one of the simplest DIY craft kids could make with very little supervision. As an added feature how about, we make some pinwheels which are totally “PINLESS”. Yeah, you read it right. The tutorial below is a Kid’s Safe Pinless Paper Pinwheel which could absolutely spin.



Detailed Description:

Supplies Needed:
  • Any patterned paper or recycled paper – Square size
  • Glue Stick
  • Paper Punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper or Plastic Straw
  • Chenille stem

Have fun creating this pin-less paper spinning wheel kid safe spinning wheel to enjoy summer with.

  1. Take a square piece of paper and fold it to find the exact center and punch a hole.
  2. Now cut the paper diagonally halfway through, make sure you don’t reach the center.
  3. Next punch every second corner of the paper, as shown in the video and start folding in the corners.Using the glue stick, paste all the corners together. Make sure, the holes are all lined up.
  4. For the stem part, take a plastic straw and cut a small piece from it and keep aside.
  5. Cut a circle shaped paper from cardstock paper and poke a pin on it and put through the chenille stem through the hole. Roll one end of the chenille stem so, it doesn’t come off from the cardstock paper.
  6. Now bead the pinwheel and also the small piece of the straw along with the cardstock paper.
  7. Make a small cut in the bigger piece of the straw and put the chenille stem through it as shown in the video.Put a knot at the end so that pinwheel stays in place.

That’s It! A pinless yet spinning Paper Pinwheel is ready!!! With these pinwheels, your kids could enjoy the extra outside hours with so much fun.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

DIY Paper Butterfly Featured Image

How To Make DIY Paper Butterflies

These paper butterflies are just awesome. Isn’t it amazing how a single square sheet of paper can be turned into something as beautiful as these paper butterflies? This is a perfect craft to do with your kids which you can use it as a wall decor too. Let’s get started with the supplies you need.


Accordion Style Paper Butterfly:

Supplies Needed:

  • Square Paper
  • Scissors
  • Chenille stem


  1. Cut the square paper into two halves.
  2. Take one of the paper and fold it in the ends as shown in the video.
  3. Now fold the paper in accordion style starting from the middle of the paper.
  4. Take another piece of paper and turn it vertically to fold it in accordion style.
  5. Now join the two folded papers using the chenille stem and leave the ends long enough to form the antennas.
  6. Now carefully expand the papers to form the butterfly-like appearance. That’s It! you have your paper butterfly to decor your wall.

Pinterest Image for DIY Paper Butterfly

Origami Butterfly:

This is an easy craft and a perfect way to introduce origami to your kids.

Supplies Needed:

  • Square paper
  • Scissors


  1. Create a number of folds across the center of the square paper as shown in the video.
  2. Now, open out the paper and you should have folds crisscrossing the square in a star.
  3. Now using the diagonal folds as a guide, you will need to push each side inwards where the diagonal fold is to create a triangle shape. (See video.)
  4. Fold the half of each curved tip side and fold it inwards towards the middle crease.
  5. Now flip the paper and fold the pointy tip behind and bring it up to peek about 5mm over the top edge. Fold that 5mm tip down to overlap the main part.
  6. Now bring the two curved points back down to the front to make a crease in the center, to keep everything in place and finish off the butterfly shape.

That’s It! It’s so easy you can’t stop at one. Make a whole lot and have fun.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

How To Make DIY Paper Basket - Easter Craft For Kids

How To Make DIY Paper Basket – Easter Craft For Kids

Here is an easy Easter Craft video tutorial for kids. DIY Paper Easter Basket is a perfect addition to any Easter celebration. They are so simple yet adorable to make. This cute, homemade Easter basket filled with mini favors will bring a smile to your kid’s sweet faces.  Let’s get started with the supplies you need.

Embed Link:

Supplies Needed:
  • Construction Paper  (2 different colors)
  • Stapler
  • Glue stick, Glue gun (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Patterned paper
  • Mini cotton ball

DIY Kids Craft For Making An Easter Basket for Egg Hunt

  1. From each paper cut long strips of paper of equal size. Make sure you have 8 strips of each color paper.
  2. Arrange any one color paper strips horizontally near to one another and paste the one end using any tape. I used washi tape (it’s easy to peel off later with no damage to the papers).
  3. Now place other color paper strips vertically over the horizontal strips as shown in the video.
  4. While placing it, paste the strips to make sure it stays in place.
  5. Once the “Paper Mat” like shape is formed, carefully peel the washi tape from the paper strips.
  6. Now apply glue on the end and paste it together. Staple the pasted end.
  7. Repeat the steps on all ends. You have a lovely paper bowl.
  8. Now to make it more like a basket, again cut two color strips and paste it connecting the two ends to form a “handle”. Your Paper Basket is ready1!.
  9. To give an easter feel to your basket, trace and cut a cute bunny from a patterned paper.
  10. Paste the mini cotton balls on the bunny and paste it on the basket as shown in the video.
  11. That’s It, your cute Paper Easter Basket is ready to be filled with mini favors!!!


Let us know what’s in your Easter Basket? We would love to hear from you! Also, if you have a favorite Easter project, craft or activity that you like let us know.

We would love to hear from you. Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see! Check out More crafts here.

Shamrock crafts for ST.Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Crafts for Kids

DIY craft for Valentines day

How To Make DIY Valentine Monster And Pom Pom Love Bug

Are you looking for a Valentines day kid’s craft that you could make together?  Then you are in luck! The below tutorial on how to make a ” Valentine Monster”  and a “Pom Pom Love Bug”  with heart antennas are great for kids. They would just love the idea of creating something and they can play with at home.

Caution: I am sure you will have a love bug infestation! I wonder what kind of exterminator you call for that.

Ready to make some love bugs of your own? Let’s get started!




Valentine Monster:

Supplies Needed:

  • Woolen yarn
  • 4×5 Inches cardboard paper( I just cut mine from a Cheerios box)
  • Googly eyes
  • Egg carton (For making the bug stand still)
  • Hot glue or Craft glue (Takes a bit more time to dry)
  • Heart shaped Foam sheets
  • Pipe cleaners or chenille stem
  • Scissors


  1. Take the cardboard piece and wrap the woolen yarn around several times to make a thick layer. Make a tight knot and remove the cardboard carefully.
  2. Now opposite to the knot cut the yarn as shown in the video. Level it by cutting the extras on the edges.
  3. Take an egg carton and cut the single egg holder, paste the yarn bundle over the egg carton.
  4. Now starts the easy part. Just paste the heart shaped stickers and make a face. Paste googly eyes over the foam sheet. You can add a mouth if you want but it’s totally optional.
  5. Take a 3-4 inch chenille stem folded in half for the antenna. Glue the chenille stem onto the top of the monster.
  6. Finally, paste the mini foam hearts onto the stem. Your Valentine monster is ready!

DIY kids craft for valentines day | Valentines craft for kids easy

Pom Pom Love Bug:

Supplies Needed:

  • Mini ready made Pom poms (available at the craft stores).
  • Googly eyes
  • Hot glue or Craft glue (Takes a bit more time to dry)
  • Foam heart shapes
  • Pipe cleaners or Chenille stem
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper


  1. For this project, I used red and black mini pom poms. Paste the two pom poms together.
  2. Now paste the googly eyes and the bent chenille stem as an antenna.
  3. Trace a mini heart on a cardstock paper and cut it out. Glue the bug over the cardstock paper to make it stand still.
  4. Finally, paste the mini foam hearts onto the stem. Your Pom Pom Love Bug is ready!

I am sure your kids would have a bug blast! Ok, which one is your favorite?  Valentine monster or Love bug? I’d love to hear what your kids come up with to add to what I’ve created.

We would love to hear from you.

Make this and show it off! Email it to us at contact@localhost or upload it on social media and tag us. @passionatemoms,@raisingworldchildren. We would feature the best ones on OUR platform for the world to see!

  Suja Dinesh Raising World children Where Cultures Meet Parenting  Sindhuja Kumar is a proud mom and a lifestyle blogger living in Connecticut, USA and origin from Tamilnadu, India. She is happily married and nothing excites her more than being a mom. She blogs to keep herself sane, more or less writing about positive parenting adventures, DIY Craft tutorials & scrumptious recipes that empowers every mom and woman to stay inspired and living an elegant life in a creative way. Check her work @ PassionateMoms.