3 Must-See Destinations in Oklahoma City

3 Must-See Destinations in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to have a great vacation with plenty of local eateries, sites to see, history and shopping.

As a native Oklahoman, I have seen many changes to the city over the course of my life. Since I know that everyone has different tastes and likes, I wanted to share some of my favorite “must-see” destinations.

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Are you interested in the arts? The Arts district in Oklahoma City is called Paseo. This little area gives the feeling that you slipped away from the hustle & bustle of the city and into another time and space. In this area, you will find shopping, dining and history.

On the first Friday of each month, you can enjoy the Paseo art walk. All stores and restaurants remain open during this time and you are able to stroll through this neighborhood hot spot and check out the works of local artists.  When I need to get away, I head to the Picasso Cafe.  This is a cool little place that has indoor and outdoor seating.  They treat food like art here and I love the energy (and the food!) of this favorite little hot spot.


If you have found yourself in this “land-locked” state and are a water lover like me, you might just enjoy this next favorite spot. The Hefner Grill is located at Lake Hefner. Ask to be seated on the patio. Enjoying the patio on a nice Oklahoma evening or on a beautiful Sunday morning for brunch while looking out at Lake Hefner, gives a spectacular feeling of a full belly and the tranquility of watching the waves of the lake.

If you time it just right, the sunsets are spectacular.  While enjoying the view at Hefner lake, you might also see my personal favorite, the Lighthouse.  As a Practitioner, I often serve as a lighthouse for people who are navigating a life storm.  That Lighthouse is always a reminder to me, that no matter how dark things may seem, look for the light.


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My third favorite spot is breathtaking and surreal. The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum is a must-see in this great state. This particular spot marks a devastating day in Oklahoma history. The memorial is a place for reflecting.

You enter the memorial at 9:01, which is the moment just before the blast and you leave the memorial at 9:03, which is the moment just after the blast. In the middle, you will find the reflecting pool and lighted chairs of the 168 men, women and children we lost that day. This area represents 9:02 and the moment that changed nearly every Oklahoman on April 19, 1995, we lost many friends and family in this bombing. As you spend time at the memorial, you can feel the stillness that honors each and every person we lost that day.

Personally, I lost 3 close friends in this tragedy along with the daughter/granddaughter of dear family friends. I was actually one of the signatures on the petition to add the daycare. The building was where my mom first started her federal career.  It is the place she worked when I learned I was pregnant with my first child and gave her the news in that building.  Later, my mom and I worked across the street together in the Federal Courthouse.  My credit union was in that building and I knew all of those people, too.  Several years after the bombing, I had my first date with my later husband at one of their dinners.  This event changed my life.


As a bonus, I wanted to throw in a few other great spots.  Consider checking out the local museums, Cattleman’s restaurant (a local favorite!).  While I am proud to say that I graduated with two degrees from the University of Oklahoma, I am one of the rare Oklahomans who are not sport fans.

Oklahomans are avid sports fans which can be see all over town as people where the Crimson and Cream colors of the University of Oklahoma or the Orange and Black colors of Oklahoma State University.  If you are a basketball fan, come and learn how to THUNDER UP! at a Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball game.  I hear it’s a great time!

In conclusion, Oklahoma City is an interesting place to visit.  Culturally, we have improved greatly over the past several years.  Oklahoma City is a bigger city with a small town feel.

Have you ever visited? What is your favorite place to visit ?

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