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How To Make A Pin-less Paper Pinwheel That Spins

Paper Pinwheels are one of the simplest DIY craft kids could make with very little supervision. As an added feature how about, we make some pinwheels which are totally “PINLESS”. Yeah, you read it right. The tutorial below is a Kid’s Safe Pinless Paper Pinwheel which could absolutely spin.



Detailed Description:

Supplies Needed:
  • Any patterned paper or recycled paper – Square size
  • Glue Stick
  • Paper Punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper or Plastic Straw
  • Chenille stem

Have fun creating this pin-less paper spinning wheel kid safe spinning wheel to enjoy summer with.

  1. Take a square piece of paper and fold it to find the exact center and punch a hole.
  2. Now cut the paper diagonally halfway through, make sure you don’t reach the center.
  3. Next punch every second corner of the paper, as shown in the video and start folding in the corners.Using the glue stick, paste all the corners together. Make sure, the holes are all lined up.
  4. For the stem part, take a plastic straw and cut a small piece from it and keep aside.
  5. Cut a circle shaped paper from cardstock paper and poke a pin on it and put through the chenille stem through the hole. Roll one end of the chenille stem so, it doesn’t come off from the cardstock paper.
  6. Now bead the pinwheel and also the small piece of the straw along with the cardstock paper.
  7. Make a small cut in the bigger piece of the straw and put the chenille stem through it as shown in the video.Put a knot at the end so that pinwheel stays in place.

That’s It! A pinless yet spinning Paper Pinwheel is ready!!! With these pinwheels, your kids could enjoy the extra outside hours with so much fun.

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