spring break 2020

5 Great Places to Visit During Spring Break 2020

Spring break 2020 will soon be here, which means you’re running out of time to choose your vacation destination. Fortunately, you can take a quiz to find your ideal vacation spot, or consider these five spots make for great family vacations.

San Diego, California

You won’t find many spring break destination lists that miss San Diego, and for good reason! There are beaches and boardwalks, the zoo that sprawls over 100 acres, Seaworld, Legoland, and a safari park to keep family members of all ages entertained. Head just outside the city to hike if you need a break from the tourist spots. When you’re ready for a break, you can enjoy a meal at one of the city’s many restaurants.

Columbia, South Carolina

There’s no shortage of things to do in Columbia, South Carolina. Whether you want to enjoy the pairing of modern buildings with storied architecture or go kayaking on one of the surrounding rivers, you’re sure to be delighted. The city truly defines southern hospitality, which helps it stand apart from other spring break destinations. Everyone will enjoy everything the South Carolina State Museum has to offer with its exhibit and planetarium.

Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

It may still be chilly in Wisconsin over spring break, but don’t let that stop you! Head indoors to the Kalahari Resort and Waterpark, an indoor oasis in Wisconsin Dells, the watermark capital of the world. The park includes rides, roller coasters, and go-karts. Park entry is included with resort tickets, or you can stay offsite at one of the many cabins and hotels in the city.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Try this destination if you prefer someplace a bit more exotic and warm for your spring break. Puerto Vallarta is located on Mexico’s western coast between Mazatlan and Acapulco. The old town is paved with cobblestone, and you can enjoy Mariachi music in the shaded plazas. If you enjoy architecture, there’s always the Baroque-style Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Also, the whole family can enjoy sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, and kayaking on the water.

Ogden, Utah

Most people want to head where it’s warmer for spring break, but if you’re not like most people, you might want to head to the mountains with the family and enjoy some skiing. The views in Ogden, not far from Salt Lake City, are gorgeous. Choose from Snowbasin Resort or Powder Mountain to ski before enjoying your evening meal on the charming main street.

Of course, any destination can make for a good spring break when you’re with your family.