Guest Writers Submissions

Raising World Children is about bringing forth dialogue about new cultures. Thus we always welcome guest writers from around the globe who would let us peek into their world!

We are looking for unique perspectives on cultures. We, at Raising World Children want to create a broader world view. Breaking subconscious barriers and biases!

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General Guidelines

  • Please fill out the guest writers agreement before sending in content.
  • No political stories will be accepted. We don’t lean left or right, just on each other.
  • Nothing instigating violence or hatred. No profanity or sexual language to be used.
  • Please submit articles within the body of the email sent to
  • We hold the right to edit but please make sure your copy is clean when submitted. We will format it and find images if you have none but if you have a great picture to accompany your piece, please submit that as well.

Article Guidelines

  • You can choose to submit one or more original articles based on a unique cultural perspective on your – City/Parenting/Childhood/Self/Travels/Food/Festivals/Holidays or Health.
  • Guides to local food, places, art exhibits, traveling to new locations etc.
  • Any stories/folklore with a moral you heard as a child or tell your children now.
  • If you have children, who would like to participate in this cultural movement, please visit our Kids Corner page to get children included in the dialogue about diversity.
  • If you are not sure, please go through previous articles before submitting content.
  • Please fill out the guest writers agreement before sending in content.

Submission Guidelines

  • Please provide articles  pasted in the body of the email.
  • Please provide a short bio ( 75 words ) describing yourself – Where you are, who you are, what you are passionate about etc Let the world get a glimpse of the real you.
  • A headshot to go with your article (not a Selfie).
  • For Folklore stories we will need to provide your source. Mythology, Tales from grandmother, Historical Character etc.
  • Email them to
  • Your edited draft will be sent back to you. Go over it. We can discuss the suggestions or you can just revise the article, title it final and send it back to
  • Words should be 400 – 1200.

-All submissions should include ONE high quality picture other than your head shot!

Guest Writers Terms and Conditions 

Please fill out the guest writers agreement before sending in your submission. – Guest Writers Agreement. Your submission cannot be published without your consent.

**You of course may choose to not accept the edits suggested. To provide quality content to the readers We reserve right in final say of what gets published.