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Raising Mindfulness

Have you had those days when you stay up wondering how you or your family fits into the world?

It's easy enough and all too common for busy parents to not have the time to  explore ways to build confidence within. This can lead to kids having to deal with racism, prejudice, groupism and/or the good old bullying with no idea WHY they belong.

We want to be empowered but we need to also remember to be mindful with empathy for all.

Raising World children helps parents be mindful about their life and culture, so that their kids grow up feeling confident about their identity.


Meet the Author

Aditi Wardhan Singh

The girl from no where. This is what Aditi used to feel as a child growing up on the borders of Kuwait and India. Never enough for either country. But as a mother, self reflection led her to understanding that we all simply belong.

Which is why as an author, all her stories are about people who overcome inner turmoil over identity to find strength and empathy within, with mindfulness.

Her journey from writer to blogger to freelancer to starting RWC and now publishing award winning books has been one fueled by a passion for self-empowerment and writing.

When she is not working on her own books, she uses her 10+ years of experience provide self publishing, editing and writing services to diverse voices around the world  (50+) on their path  to becoming Bestselling Authors.


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Few of the books Aditi has helped create -

Founding Raising World Children

Aditi’s pursuit for promoting cultural sensitivity & self empowerment led her to founding this collaborative platform for multicultural families.

Her passion for raising diverse voices so we can learn from each other makes her the perfect confidante to take along on your own life’s journey.

Her passion for collaboration is what made her second book for parents RAISING THE GLOBAL MINDSET a labor of love by thought leaders around the world. Writers who time and again have been huge advocates of Raising World Children, themselves.