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Read our Internationally Bestselling, multicultural parenting book #1 in parenting toddlers & adolescent counseling STRONG ROOTS HAVE NO FEAR.

Winner of Dragonfly award and Top 10 Finalist at Global Literary Author Academy Awards.

Our children's book for building self confidence in the face of differences. - HOW OUR SKIN SPARKLES.

#1 in Books Against Racism and Prejudice
#1 in Books for Siblings
#1 in Books for Children Around the World
#1 in Books about Children's Hindu Fiction
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Meet the Visionary

Aditi Wardhan Singh

Founder & chief editor of the online magazine & in print publication - Raising World Children.

Aditi curates content about cultural sensitivity & empowerment in parenting. With her team of 20+ writers she strives to place forth the synergy of today's cultures with world heritage.

The resource she has created has quickly grown to be a global platform featured on various parenting sites and news networks.

RWC's upcoming projects include -

  • How Our Skin Sparkles (Aditi W. Singh)
  • Raising the Global Mindset (25 Diverse Voices)
  • See You Soon (Dilraaz Kunnumal)
  • Path to Prosperity (Sneha Jhanb)
  • How Smallness Shines (Aditi W. Singh)
  • Podcast Featuring Authors for Empowered Shift in Mindset

She also provides developmental editing, marketing and self publishing coaching. RWC is also known to promote books by diverse authors that bring forth topics of empowerment.

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