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Get your book or product for multicultural families featured on our website. $35 for stand alone features. Email us for other options.

Book Editing

Get developmental/line editing done for your PB or non fiction book edited. Starting at $25 for 800 words. Email us with word count or for package.

Content Creation

Need well thought out content penned down? Articles, worksheets and/or classroom guides made for your child/book? Email us with your specifications.

Writing Coaching

Want to learn creative writing? Need an accountability coach? Want an extra pair of eyes on your work while you write? Email us with your needs.

Self-Publishing Books

Write your next best seller! Personalized help for your book idea. All your questions answered. End to end support for you from conception to launch to marketing. $75 / 45 min call

Marketing Your Book

Aditi works in tandem with the renowned Beyond the Book Marketing Agency to help authors save time and get more eyeballs on their books. From strategy to done for you services!

Client Testimonial

Dilraz Kunnummal is the author of the much-loved children’s book, ‘See You Soon‘, launched in collaboration with Raising World Children.

She’s a trained journalist with experience across media platforms including print, television and radio. She has covered the Arab Spring for a daily newspaper, and has interviewed multiple Bollywood celebrities during her radio days. Over the last decade, she has contributed to a number of successful anthology books including ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’, published by Robin Baratt and ‘Raising the Global Mindset’.

Dilraz fulfilled her dream of publishing her own book. The end to end services provided, including editing, strategizing and launching helped her gain the confidence to become a bestselling author!!!!



Pina Basone
Pina BasoneChildren's Book Editing
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Aditi is a wonderful editor. She is someone I can consistently count on. When I get long-winded with my adjectives she knows how to bring me back. I highly recommend her she has edited two of my books and one Hit #1 in a category. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.
Supriya Cheriann
Supriya CheriannStrategy Consult
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You opened up valuable new perspectives which was very important to me as a beginner. It is amazing, but just in a time of one hour I was able to view my situation from a completely new angle, and your session was a guide for me to tackle the hurdles in front of me.
Blair Ortman
Blair OrtmanChidren's Book Editing
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Aditi is very professional, courteous, and conscientious. She pays attention to detail and carefully considers each word. She is good at suggesting strong verbs and noticing grammatical errors. Working with Aditi helps me feel more confident in my work, and I would recommend her assistance with editing.
Karen KeeslingChildren's Book Editing
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It has been a great experience working with Aditi. She looked through a couple of my manuscripts and helped me to think about both structural changes and word choice. She was great at pinpointing which areas needed improvement while still being encouraging and supportive. She is very committed to the editing process and has been a pleasure to work with. Plus-she has such a fascinating life story, you just automatically gravitate towards her!
Denis Damijo
Denis DamijoContent Writing Services
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I love Aditi's writings! Her writings are inspiring, informative, and just good reads all around. I'm looking forward to reading a lot more from Aditi in the future!
Christina Tinker
Christina TinkerContent Writing Services
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One of the things I love about Aditi’s writing is the joy and humor she brings to the community. She has a way of experiencing and then sharing a moment with her children that makes you think about the sometimes mundane moments of parenting in a new and exciting way. I also admire Aditi for sharing her own personal (and sometimes difficult) story of moving from Kuwait and embracing life in Richmond.
Suja Dinesh
Suja DineshBrand Development
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I love her perspective of seeing the whole world as one. One of the key aspects of her writing is that she can convey the most complex or controversial topic that many hesitate to comment on, in a most amicable way. With her writing I was able to discover, understand and experience the entrepreneur journey. Her work has helped me reshape my thinking towards branding. She is always an inspiration to me.
Payal Raghuvanshi
Payal RaghuvanshiEditing Services
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Aditi is my go-to person whenever I need an unbiased opinion on something I have written. She enthusiastically reviews my work and gives honest comments on where I should improve, what changes I should make. She even gives suggestions on how I can make the content look more engaging. She has a very meticulous way of analyzing what would work best to make the content stand out. She has a lot of experience in content writing and has excellent command over language. One quality that I admire in her is she keeps herself abreast with the happenings of the world and is always well informed of things. Her jovial and friendly nature always adds to her charming personality.
Tina Miranda
Tina MirandaEditing Services
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Words have always flown quite easily for me, which is why I am quickly learning how important it is to know how to ‘edit’. Even though I have been writing for years now, I have never quite mastered the art of editing or marshaling my thoughts. Aditi has helped me focus my thought processes and avoid digressing and often times completely going off track with a thread. I think most of us can identify conversations where we often pause and think, ‘now where was I going with that’. While we can all probably write, writing for a reader is an art and Aditi has certainly spent a lot of time and learn how to engage an audience. The very first piece I worked on, I had subconsciously included thoughts on three different threads that could each be woven into a beautiful fabric of individual memory. Aditi also did a great Facebook video to assist me in using WordPress, which was an ingenious way to ensure the group had it handy.