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Science as a Solution to Problems in Folk Tales

In most folktales, science never plays a role. The characters’ problems take place because they don’t understand the world around them. Understanding the world means

Toys for Toddlers : Healthy Brain Development

During those first few years of life, toddlers learn important skills such as language, cognition, motor skills, social skills, and imagination. With the right toys,

Must Watch Hindi movies from 2020

I’m sure we have all discussed, to death, what a year 2020 was.  For a change I will discuss Hindi movies from 2020. While everything

Books about Loss of a Loved One

We saw the Netflix film Over the Moon yesterday. It was very interesting culturally and concept wise since we got a sneak peak into a

We All Have Sacred Spaces

When I received the book We all Have Sacred Spaces for review, I was extremely pleased as to it’s diverse nature. I am Hindu. But

Children’s Books about Hair Loss

Hair loss can be super embarrassing for many, be it through natural causes, cancer or alopecia. It is wonderful that there are so many books

Travel, Learn and See Your Friends

Promote diversity, learn mandarin and be entertained with a wonderful story. This is what this book is bringing to your home. We certainly simply enjoyed