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This platform is an online & print resource for parents around the world, created by and for parents, led by Aditi Wardhan Singh (Founder & Chief Editor). We aim to help multicultural children grow to be confident with a global mindset. We spotlight content and creators from all walks of life.

Conversations and growth in the formative years form the basis of a sound value system that holds our children strong in an ever evolving world! The best selling book Strong Roots Have No Fear,  has sold thousands of copies around the world and is currently top 10 finalist for the global literary Author Academy awards, chosen among thousands of entries from around the world!




Our Work Has Been Featured on
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Diversity Blindness

“The world is a very small place”. We have started taking this so much to heart that we forget to explore the many facets it has to offer. Since we all are naturally drawn to our community, we never learn the real differences. That leads to blindness at the core.

Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis all look similar to Caucasian Americans. Chinese, Japanese, Nepalese all look similar to Indians and All Americans are stereotyped around the world based on sitcoms like Friends or How I Met Your Mother. When in fact, many American families have the same value system as Indian families and life in Las Vegas, Nevada is very different from that of Richmond, Virginia : both thriving cities in the United States.

 Cultural tunnel vision has become our new normal.

And subconsciously, we pass this on to our children. When in fact, they are inevitably going to be part of a culture that is less ours and more of that, which surrounds them. 

As parents, it is our duty to expand the perception of our future and introduce them to new horizons. When we get involved and get them introduced to new ideas, we enable them to better handle life’s many challenges.

At RwC, we will introduce you to scenarios that you yourself may not have experienced but that exist. We give you  tools to break out of your shells with universal content, providing your family with a broader world view. 

A book for parents to raise


Readers Favorite Professional Review ---
" In this common-sense guide to parenting,
she brings awareness to a variety of
parenting aspects that embrace universal issues which melt into
one common goal: raising a well-rounded individual.
Offering sound advice, Strong Roots is the perfect addition to
libraries ofparents looking for resources to be mindful
and raise kids with a growth mindset. "

When You Are Done Expecting

Our Mission

To create awareness of the common thread that breathes though the fabric of our collective present. When we open our minds to new views, we are better equipped to inject new life into old thought processes. To give parents a broader world view empower families to create that perfect balance of modern thinking, cultures and their own heritage.

Our Vision

Learning from old stories, sub cultures of each city, and providing tools to children to become a part of dialogue in diversity, we create a more unified tomorrow : more aware and empathetic to our differences and similarities.

Raising World Children magazine is global platform for

  • How a culture affects a life/parenting.
  • The struggles people of a region face in their day to day life.
  • Guides about food, travel, health, parenting multi cultural kids.
  • Kids sharing what they think about life.
  • Folk lore famous in specific cultures.
  • Historical figures from around the world.
  • A place to see what different cities actually look like.

Our Work Has Been Featured on

Numerous Publications and Broadcast Networks