At Raising World Children, we currently have three feature sections –

  • Cities Through Your Eyes
  • Familial Anecdotes Showing The World Through Your Child’s Eyes
  • Senior Citizens – who go above and beyond in bridging generation gaps.

To contribute to Featured Cities 

Email with 5-10 pictures of a city through your eyes. Not just the landmarks but what you love about the city. Also, send in a short write up (600+ words). Please include headshot, bio, website link and one social handle. Subject Line – Featured City Submission – (City, Country)


To contribute to Featured Senior Citizen 


To contribute to Kids Speak  Email with your nomination, why you are nominating them and their email address. We will send them and you personalized interview questions to answer. This is a great way to acknowledge those who have shaped the current generation. Please include any links you want included in the post. Subject Line – Featured Senior Citizen Nomination (City, Country)



Email with a funny incident that happened as your child sees diversity for the first time or maybe experiences a new food or culture. Share with us their story. Don’t forget to send in your own website link. Subject Line – Kids Speak