Hi! I’m the founder, Aditi Wardhan Singh: global citizen, mother of 2, wife, multi-award winning author, self-publishing coach and owner of Raising World Children LLC, an online and in print publishing company. From it’s conception in 2017, RWC has promoted over 150+ diverse voices reaching upto 5k+ readers every day.

On March 30th, we bring to your our FIRST COLLABORATIVE BOOK – Raising the Global Mindset. It is a labor of love of 25 thought leaders around the world, standing united to empower children towards becoming thought leaders who believe in having a global mindset.

RWC’s mission is to empower multicultural families everywhere with a growth mindset that is global in nature.

And what better way to do this than creating articles and books of all kinds that talk about topics that build much needed conversation.




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FREE virtual author visits for your class, group, book club or more. A virtual visit includes-

  • Dancing
  • Book reading
  • Book discussion
  • Creative thinking exercises
  • A peak into Indian cultural traditions


We were so fortunate to have Aditi Wardhan Signh visit our virtual classroom with great success. She provided an open and engaging way to get the students talking about the writing process and the book. Students felt so comfortable asking Aditi questions about the writing process and the story. I felt it provided a doorway into the lives of my students’ backgrounds and gave much needed representation. Diversity and inclusion are two buzz words right now but they have a much deeper meaning and purpose than words just thrown around. Aditi stressed the true meanings of diversity and inclusion within the book.   I could see the importance of her visit as students saw kids like themselves in the book as well as learning from students’ different perspectives. She highlighted diversity and inclusion in an age appropriate way. My students continue to make connections, write about their experiences, and ask questions about the world around them. They know they are already authors based upon Aditi’s candid advice to never give up on the writing process if it is something that they truly love. I have seen more books written by my students after her visit and it is so inspiring to see it all unfold.  I am so thankful for her visit this year.

Maybe you want to know more about me or  my creative journey  .You can find free printables and guides we have here.

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