My Favorite character 'Dogman' - Aneesh Gosangari

My Favorite character ‘Dogman’ – Aneesh Gosangari

I am Aneesh Gosangari. I am 7 years old. I love the author ‘Dav Pilkey’ and I made his fav character on canvas DogMan !!! I decided to paint my own favorite things to put on my room’s wall. I love legos and writing comics too.

Aneesh is a brilliant boy who surprised his mom with this poster. They were looking to buy some posters to put on his room he said “Please don’t waste money to buy those stuff. I will do my Favorite thing so that you can put on wall in my room!”

Needless to say, Aneesh’s parents are super proud of their son, his creativity and thoughtfulness.

We thought its nice idea!!!









Snowman - Adidev Sreehari

Snowman – Adidev Sreehari


 My name is Adidev Sreehari. I am 6 years old. I like to draw and read about dinosaurs, whales, and planets. I like to make stuff with play-doh. This is a short story I wrote about Snowman. 

A Story About a SNOWMAN:

It was a cold snowy day. I woke up to see white everywhere. I shouted snow. I ran outside and made a huge snowman. I named him Leo. Suddenly Leo opened its eyes and started talking to me. I was surprised. ‘Hello,’ he said. I want to go to the Arctic. Are you coming? I said no. Leo said goodbye to me and started walking all the way to the Arctic to see sea creatures.

Leo got excited and jumped into the water. He saw seals, penguins, sea lions and killer whales. Suddenly he saw a leopard seal coming towards him. Leo escaped to a hiding place. To his surprise, he found another snowman also hiding there. They both together managed to get out to the surface of the water. And they became friends and lived happily ever after in the Arctic.