This Mother's Day Do Not Forget These Mothers

This Mother’s Day Do Not Forget These Mothers

Mothers Day is coming soon…

A day to celebrate mothers.
A day to acknowledge their contribution in our lives.
A day for mothers to bask in the care and affection of the family.
A day for children to show their love.
A lot of thought, effort and time goes into making the day special..

But what of the mom who has lost her child?
What of the mother who is grieving for the child and the future that they lost?
What of the mother who does not have a child to shower their love on her?
What of the bereaved mother or Vilomah (Sanskrit word for bereaved parents)

The mother who carried her child within her for days and then had to let them go
The mother who built dreams around her child, which came crashing down
The mother who lost the love of her life through no fault of her own
The mother who has lost her reason to live and happiness seems a distant memory


She eagerly awaits the phone calls that no longer come
The frequent text messages and funny videos that don’t come too
She relives the long walks, the long talks, the Sunday brunches, the midweek lunches
The surprise flowers, her favorite chocolates and special gifts

The denial, the guilt, the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the memories
Don’t really go away with the passage of time
People stop talking about the child and want you to snap out of it
That you have got to get out of this zone

Does a person want to be in a perpetual circle of sorrow and grief?
Does a person want to continue to mourn unendingly?
Does a person want to forget a vital part of their very soul and being?
The mother is just crying out in silent screams
She is just wanting for her love to be talked about
She just wants the assurance that you will not forget her child
The length of their journey on earth doesn’t matter.. She misses them dearly.. 

She had promised that she would protect and keep the child safe
She had promised that she would raise them up to the best of her ability
She had promised that she will weave a perfect family and a perfect future..

The broken promises cry out to her.
The silent nursery / room screeches in her ears.
The beautiful face is a constant wallpaper in her mind.
Her empty arms are not able to reach out to her child .
The loneliness is stifling her more and more each day.

This first Sunday of May, do say a little prayer for the bereaved moms
On International Bereaved Mothers Day, touch the life of just one Vilomah
Just be there for her, just lend a ear, just talk to her and let her talk..
That’s all she wants, that’s all she ever wanted..
For her child to be remembered and not forgotten and their memories honored… 

The world may not recognize her as a mother.
As her child is no longer here with her.
She may be broken but trying to put back together the pieces
She is still a mother at heart, in her mind and in her soul
Celebrate the day, celebrate her motherhood, celebrate her, celebrate her child..
She is a mother too…

International Bereaved Mother's Day


Learn more about International Bereavement Mother’s Day here.

Raising World Children Baseball memories

Are The Little League Baseball Memories Worth It?

When he was five, he wanted to give soccer a try.  We did that for one season, but that wasn’t his game.  He had his eye on the sport that has often been called “The Great American pastime”, Baseball.

The next thing I knew, our life was spent running between the practice fields, the baseball fields and the tournament fields. My life was full of little boys that smelled mostly like wet dogs and dirt!  How wonderful!  Who knew there would come a time would I would miss that?  All along, I did.  I just didn’t know how much.

There was something about watching that little guy give his all to every practice and every game that made his mom’s heart soar.  From T-Ball to High school baseball, I went to every baseball practice and every baseball game.

“Little League baseball is a very good thing because it keeps the parents off the streets.”  Yogi Berra

 Watching my son play ball made life worth living, it made even really rough days, better. It was a time for family.  We went locally and sometimes traveled.  The weather ranged from hotter than hot to colder than cold and it was always a different temperature on the ball field.  We had rain delays and rainouts.  Then there were makeups.  A makeup meant the day that a game was rescheduled from a previous rainout.  That could mean for a really, really long day at the ballpark, oh, but the memories.


Those little league days were the absolute best.  Some of the boys in the outfield picked flowers, some looked at the sky and others seemed to know exactly what was happening. Some might still run in the opposite direction when it was their turn at bat.  There is nothing quite like a belly laugh with tears in your eyes as you watch with delight while those little ones learn the rules of the game.

Then there were the out of control parents who…..well, lets just leave them sitting on the bench for now.

Youngsters of Little League can survive under coaching a lot better than over coaching.  Willie Mays

Raising World Children Baseball

As the boys began to grow, their skills improved.  They became much more able to control their swings, their throws and their catches.  They were becoming young men.  The game was beginning to change, there was more concentration, fewer mistakes and the belly laughs often turned to knots of suspense as you watched your favorite young man round the bases.


The next thing I knew, my boy was taller than me.  His favorite girls looked a little more like cheerleaders and high school girls and a little less like me.  Once in awhile I would catch a glimpse of that nearly grown man, glancing over to see if I was still there and I knew in an instant that he was still happy to know his mom was there.

As I sit here this evening, I think about the days and years that have flown by since I last saw my little boy play baseball.

One day you wake up and they are grown.  Tonight, I reminisce about my little boy and the Little League Memories.  He’s no longer a little boy, he is now a grown man of 29 and serving his country overseas.  I close my eyes and see him in my mind. It is with great pride and great honor to hold that man in my heart.

I know when that little boy that lives inside of him glances over to see, he will still be happy to know his mom is still here rooting for him. Are your kids enjoying a sport they love ?

Tammy Raising World ChildrenTammy Coin is a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Teacher and Speaker. She holds sacred space & helps you locate the unhealed emotions leftover from Childhood Abuse & Trauma that block the door to your authentic self. She then partners with you, using the pieces of her own life, to empower, motivate and inspire you to fully uncover your Soul Purpose. You can find her