My Easter Celebration Evolves – The Return of Magic


As a child, my life was incredibly stressful. I looked forward to the Holidays because they brought magic to my life. It was a day that people seemed to be on their best behavior. For a little while, life felt fun and I was easily swept away by the festivities of the day.

As I became a young mother with a life still full of stress, some of the magic felt like it was gone. There were still those moments that created the magic memories. As a mother, I began to witness how those magical holidays were becoming much more about commercialism than about love. This made my heart sad, but this is often the case in our culture.

I frequently asked the family if we could stop buying so much stuff and instead, do something different.

Perhaps, volunteer our time or purchase things that might have a higher meaning, such as naming a star after a child, planting a tree, etc.  This was not our culture, this was not our family.  I stayed the course and waited for the return of magic.

Over the past few years, I have become a Holistic Practitioner and found myself on a Conscious Spiritual path. During this time, I also became a first-time grandmother. Yesterday, we celebrated Easter and while enjoyable in some ways, I was aware of things I had never fully seen before and it felt so disconnected from the magic, I remember.

Easter This Year

From my vantage point, I saw a family that had been consumed by commercialism. Technology and a fast-paced society that does not stop for love. The day felt like a production for society and yet, society was not there.

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It was just us, our family. We had plastic decorations, plenty of processed food on hand, and more sugar than is healthy for any human. Nearly everyone had an electronic device ranging from televisions and cellphones to children’s toys.

During this Easter Holiday, we had all the moving parts, but very little depth. I found myself in a quandary over this holiday.  On one hand, I was thrilled to be in the middle of my family and watching my little two-year old grandson and five-year old niece, run as fast as they could to find the hidden Easter eggs.  Then squeal with delight when they received candy and prizes for their hard work.

It was the realization that the children were very aware of how much they were receiving and still, it seemed they wanted more. The adults were engaged, when they were not on their phones or watching television and still, it seemed they wanted more.

Throughout the day, I found myself wondering if it had always been this way or was it me who has changed.  My way of life is so different from my culture and it regularly creates a dilemma for me.  Do I separate from the family I love or  do I immerse myself in the cultural norms to be with my family?

An Awakened Perspective 

In approaching the situation from an awakened perspective, my answer is neither (and a little of both).

When we reach a Spiritually Conscious awakened state, we may find that others do not understand our path. In this state, we are called upon to be a teacher. As a teacher, we must live a life that is full of love without judgement.  We become non-attached to the specifics or the outcome and simply allow ourselves to be fully present.  We learn to live our life in a way that invites questions of curiosity about our path. Use those opportunities as teachable moments.

In every family and in every culture, there will be people who do not desire change and are happy with the way things are.  Then there are others who yearn for something different.  When we speak our truths from an authentic perspective, our family begins to desire a deeper connection with those they love. By finding a neutrality that allows us to stay fully present in any given moment, once again we find the return of magic.

In every situation, we have a choice and there is always a lesson.  On this day, I had a choice to participate and I did.  I had a choice to voice my opinions and I did not.  The lesson was that regardless of all the differences and frustrations of the day, a family came together.

While people were often distracted, they were physically participating as a family.  It is my blessing that I have found a new path that feels right for me.  I am allowed to continue my path without it being forced upon another.

At the end of the day, the joy on the faces of my grandson and niece as they ran to hunt those hidden eggs and the pure delight when they found them made the day so much fun. As I laughed and ran with them, I saw the world through a child’s eyes and once again the return of magic was found inside the child’s heart that still beats inside of me.

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Tammy Coin is a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Teacher and Speaker. She holds sacred space & helps you locate the unhealed emotions leftover from Childhood Abuse & Trauma that block the door to your authentic self. She then partners with you, using the pieces of her own life, to empower, motivate and inspire you to fully uncover your Soul Purpose. You can find her @thedoorsofwellness on Facebook.

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