Indian Fairy Tales – All is Well, The Friends Test

All is Always Well

Once upon a time, there lived a King Sivarama Pandiyan. He was famous for his rule in the kingdom, supported by his able and intelligent ministers. One day, the King cut his fingers while eating fruits. On seeing this, his minister Veeraramaiah told that” All is well “. The King got angry and ordered to put him in prison.

On that day, the King went to forest for hunting. He was caught by forest bush men and was about to be killed. But suddenly one man saw that King’s finger had an injury. They left the King free, since they had a belief that the person who was offered for their God should be free from any injuries or marks in their body. So the King escaped luckily.

Then he returned to the palace and went to the prison. The King told this to Veeraramaiah. He again said,” All is well “. The King was curious this time and asked his explanation. He told that the King escaped due to the wound and he himself escaped since he was prison. Otherwise he would be with King and would be killed by the forest bush men. Now the King appreciated him for his positive attitude.

Moral: “All is well – Everything happens for the good!”

The Friends Test


Ramu and Somu were friends. One day they were travelling through a forest. At that time, Somu saw a bear coming towards them. Suddenly he climbed over a tree nearby. Ramu was totally confused and could not understand Somu. The bear was coming very near.

Ramu did not know climbing. He was much worried. Suddenly he got an idea and lay down on the ground. He also controlled his breath and acted like dead. The bear came near him and thought he was dead. So it went away.

After some time, Somu came down from the tree and asked Ramu ‘What did the bear told him in his ears?’ Ramu said that it asked me to avoid friends like you. Somu felt ashamed and asked sorry thim.

Moral: “Good friends are those who help during difficult times”.

Illustrated by Shruti Prabhu. Compiled by Vasantha Vivek

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