Unknown Perks of Grandparents’ Stories

Story, the word embodies so much in itself. But grandma’s stories ! Wow!! They have their their own charm, their own aura, their own charisma.

During my childhood days, I used to do accomplish any task in a fraction of second whenever my Grandmother is about to tell a story. Only to those children who have finished their work. That time the fun element was there. We, as children used to cherish that time spent together. listening to her stories without realizing its importance.

Now thought I realize their true importance.

Increases The Bond

It enhances the bonding between the elders and the children. which, I think is very essential to maintain a connection between various generations , specially in today’s time.

Desire For Time Spent Together

Children spend more time with the grandmother or grandfather. The spending of time is relished by the grandparents.

Greater Understanding Between Generations

The understanding develops between them which leads to higher chances of sustainability of peace at home.

Out of The Box Thinking Develops

The morals in the stories and the stories themselves help the children to understand some complex situations very easily.

Enhances Imagination

it also develops their imagination, their creativity. You will notice they even use it in their gossip with other children.

Develops Habit To Listen

That pin drop silence, that mesmerizing attention and that peaceful sleep while listening to the stories or may be just after that, is really astonishing.Those moments amazed me to an extent that I decided to continue that tradition after them also.

These are just a few benefits that I had figured out from the lot. Just a small habit of story telling — be with grandparents or parents can strengthen the bonding as well the relations within the family.

If we categorize this time as “Fun time” or “Family time“, the children themselves eagerly wait for this particular time. In my case, even if I forget, my kids start shouting -” Mumma ,¬†Story Time. We want our daily dose.” They don’t even go to sleep without listening to the story. And that time is auspicious for me as well as for my babies and their grandparents.

But the habit is not developed by me alone. The whole credit goes to my grandmothers and their grandmothers.I remember their eager waiting for the session whether by Nani (mom’s mother) or Dadi (dad’s mother).

Stories themselves have many great benefits but being passed on by generations has many more advantages. I have realized the efforts, the love, the sentiments,the affection behind this small act of story telling is priceless.

Ruchika Rastogi, an Indian who was born and brought up in Delhi. She loves to explore the unexplored. A mother of two lovely kids, she works as a teacher and her passion for writing has helped her survive during her hard times. Her first non fiction book got published last year with the name-A Mystical Majesty-the woman. As a contributing author, her anthology with the title–Wait Till I Tell You got launched recently. With dreams in her eyes, she believes in living life optimistically.

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