Raising World Children Kindness Chain

The Kindness Chain – Sneha Jhanb


Joining the Kindness Chain – In Vegas, in a community I lived in, they did mealtrains for families where there was a person sick or had just delivered or lost a job etc. They asked me when I had to suddenly go in to hospital for a surgery. I of course had other help but kindness in communities does exist. It inspired me to organize meal trains in my mommy group as well. We all brought food for new delivered moms in the group for 2 weeks.

Raising World Children Kindness Chain

In North Carolina, I met with an accident on the road, and I did not have cell phone handy. A random stranger stopped his car, asked me how I was, called 911 l, ambulance and my sister for me and then I was alone and was scared and I asked him if I could just hold his hand for a moment and he let me. This was almost 11 years ago.

Raising World Children - The Kindness Chain

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