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Often we warn our kids about  “stranger danger”. We teach to be wary of any unknown person, not accepting anything so on and so forth. On the other hand some or the other time one comes across a kind gesture by a total stranger and it leaves the heart just a little bit warmer..

Any story of kindness should not be withheld, it should be told and retold, bringing back some faith in an otherwise harsh world..

This incident, that I want to share, happened a few years back the day we moved to Dubai.

Travelling with two small children, my daughter just a few months old. Moving houses is a mammoth task with so much luggage,and being encumbered by a baby pram was a nightmare happening.

We somehow managed to haul ourselves to an airport cab and reached our new apartment building.

Upon reaching the building we were presented with the problem of taking the luggage up to the apartment along with the kids .

My husband was about to call the security guy to help when three men stepped out of the elevator , all dressed to go out for the evening.

They walked up to us and welcomed us to Dubai, then asked us whether they can be of help. We thanked them but requested them not to be hassled and carry on.

But they were not taking NO for an answer and told us to just bring the kids up to the respective floor and carried ALL our luggage to our front door. We unlocked the door and they deposited all the huge suitcases in our hall and further offered to get any groceries from the store.

After we assured them we had all we needed, they bade us a goodnight and left.

To many this would just be a small gesture, but for us in a new and strange city, it made a world of difference.

We knew nobody back then and these three strangers left us with a glow in our hearts and hope.

Since then I have had strangers open doors for me, carry my groceries in the elevator or just smile to wish a pleasant day and I never forget to be grateful.

Even I try to do my bit, a new mom trying to negotiate a double pram can always use a smile and a hand. If even for a few seconds I can be that stranger that a person can be grateful for, the world is still beautiful.

Shalini Tyagi 

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