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  1. Where do allergies come from?
    Many body reactions are interpreted completely wrongly and usually also wrongly treated. Allergies, for example, are not treatable with medicines; medicines may possibly alleviate the symptoms, but the causes of the allergies persist. How do allergies develop? The Scientific Research Center of the Dayeng Foundation has been investigating the causes of these and other diseases for over 30 years. These studies have clearly shown that a disturbed or too weak immune system is responsible for these diseases.
    A healthy immune system can deal with many natural negative influences excellently, for thousands of years the human immune system has proven to be very good. The immune system, however, can not cope with unnatural influences. Nature has made no mistake in developing the immune system. Man, however, constantly intervenes in this perfect system. Here are the causes of allergies and other diseases.
    The Dayeng Foundation has developed individual therapies on the basis of the research results, which repair the immune system, so to speak.
    The results are amazing. Since the founding year of the therapy center in 2001, the accurate statistics show a positive treatment success of approximately 100%.
    Intense scientific research, in collaboration with other international scientists, was the foundation of creating these successful therapies. The affected people want to live a normal life again and do not always rely on drugs whose side effects often cause considerable organ damage. Reaching a normal life for those affected was the goal of our research. More information here:
    Dr. Stefanie Hillinger
    Dayeng Foundation

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