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The Give Away Has Ended. This post is a collaboration of Raising World Children and  Bharat Babies but the opinions are of the author.

Raising World Children BooksMythology is hard to explain. There are often so many complicated story lines that can be hard to comprehend, specially by minds yet to grow. Enter Bharat Babies. Since, I came across them I wanted to get a hold of the amazing line up they seemed to have. Using Indian culture to explain simple concepts to kids. Not religiously, but using mythology as the base for story telling. Stories for every level of reader and from every walk of life!

Surely enough, once I got my hands on the books my expectations were surpassed. They are not only easy to read and explain but also have concepts that are profound in their thought.

Padmini is Powerful 

When I read Padmini is Powerful to my kids they understood what each God in Indian mythology stands for. Not just that, what quality of them they hold within themselves. And this  is true for every single child. They Are Powerful. My daughter loves sitting and looking at the pictures of the different Gods and Goddesses. And Padmini is so cute that she can totally see herself in the story!

© Aditi W.Singh

Sarla in The Sky

My son is in the phase where he doesn’t know what to make of girls. As a mother and woman, I want to encourage him to accept that girls, when they put their mind to it can do anything. In comes Sarla in the Sky. A book of girl empowerment, setting a wonderful example for boys and girls alike.

Ganesh and the Little Mouse

Another amazing book that I picked up was Ganesh and the Little Mouse. The base for this book is one o my favorite stories of mythology  portraying out of the box thinking where you understand that there are often many ways to do the same thing with one of the ways being easier and more meaningful. Not only have Bharat Babies’ author Anjali Joshi explained this but has always used the same story to talk about a different side which I hadn’t discovered till date. My children were enthralled and my son has re read this book a number of times now.

Aditi Wardhan singh

© Aditi W.Singh

Harini and Padmini Say Namaste 

Which brings us to both my kids’ favorite of the books we have collected, ” Harini and Padmini Say Namaste “. My son had done a week long yoga camp in preschool once and since then has been fascinated with the concept. This book is a beautifully depicted, sweet story of a Padmini as she discovers the art of yoga. I can never forget the first time we read the book. My daughter immediately started doing yoga poses as she had seen in the book. My son, “expert” that he is after his camp, went along to correct her and soon began a beautiful bonding session between siblings.

Choti + Me

Photo Credit: Jess Benjamin for Scout Somerville

After so loving so many of their books, I was happy to learn that they are coming out with a new venture. A children’s magazine called Choti+Me (Little One and Me). I have already signed up to be the first to know when the new magazine comes out but for RWC readers there is a wonderful opportunity to participate in a give away hosted by Raising World Children and Bharat Babies where we will give away not one, not three but a WHOLE YEAR’s subscription for FREE !!!

You do not want to miss out on this chance of getting 12 months of wonderful stories and activities for your child to grow into a person accepting of new cultures, growing with a global perspective.




Aditi Wardhan Singh Raising world childrenAditi Wardhan Singh is a mom of two, living it up in Richmond Virginia in USA. Raised in Kuwait, being Indian by birth she has often felt out of place. A computer engineer by profession, she is now a freelance writer and entrepreneur having founded Raising World Children. In her spare time she volunteers for Circle of Peace International and impromptu dance parties with her little one are her ultimate picker upper. She provides tools to open minded parents to empower their children to raise positive, gracious, global thought leaders. She currently writes for the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Richmondmomsblog, Desh Videsh Magazine and is author in an upcoming Anthology When You Are Done Expecting as well.


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