The Time My Son Asked About Heaven

My son asked me ” Where do people go when they die?”. The answer is obvious ”Heaven” .

As expected, pop came the next question “Where is heaven? “, then in the same breath, ” Can people take their i-phones with them (Of course , kids think Iphones are a vital organ)?.

Well, answer to the latter was an easy “NO” . But the answer to the former is bit fuzzy, so I try my best  “Its supposed to be a beautiful place, where everyone is happy, healthy etc. Its supposed to be the happiest place”. This was followed by a million other questions I wouldn’t go into that.

What is Heaven, Really? 

Heaven is a term that has different meaning in different cultures. Every person, whether an atheist or a devout follower of any religion is familiar with the concept of heaven. To some it is a place of perfect peace and tranquility, that one attains only in an after life.

Other cultures claim it to be a place free from all sorrow and sufferings. Heaven is  believed to be attained as a sum total of your “karma”  in this life. Many religions offer heaven as the reward for leading a life of sacrifice and virtue.

Different cultures and religions offer many theories, but all agree on one thing “Heaven is definitely the happiest place that can be”. A happy place to be attained in an after life but not in the now, right here.

The quest for heaven is so ongoing and endless that the lines have blurred, where the search ends and real thing begins. But if we all agree that heaven is a place or a state of mind full of happiness, then why do we not start by looking for happiness?

Looking for Answers

I have often met people who would laugh and smile for no particular reason. On a not-so-good day, we have all sometimes wondered, looking at a smiling stranger “ what are you so happy about?”. While on other days I would look up at a grumpy face and think “what are you so vexed about , it is such a beautiful day?”.

Happy day or not ,the truth is in one way or the other we are always searching for the ever eluding “perfect world”, the happiness which might be staring at us right in the face.

I am sure this is a question that millions of kids and adults have asked ,and would keep doing so ,but the answers would still be fuzzy.

Looking For Happiness

At this point I got to thinking if heaven is happiness, then it just might be around somewhere. I tried looking for it and I found this.

For me happiness is a beautiful day at the park, sitting under a beautiful tree. Birds chirping and kids playing around, breeze in my hair and sunshine on my face.

Happiness is driving around the city after nice dinner, some golden music. Happy kids in the back seat not cranky or complaining, for once.

A trip to  the mountains, with the family, is definitely happiness. Despite staying in a lousy hotel that served tepid tea and worse food,  I can recall from that trip is only the endless laughter and good time.

Happiness is the beach, waves washing over my feat, turning my face up to the amazingly blue sky and closing my eyes for a moment of perfect solitude.

Visiting my parents one more time, with the people I love, is happiness unparalleled. Even while sitting in my favorite chair with a cup of tea I watch the whole family bicker, yet again.

Happiness is laughing heartily with my sisters, over some silly nonsense, talking through the night but never agreeing on anything.

Raising World Children What is Heaven ?

Looking for Heaven

Happiness for me is some such moments and places of perfect bliss , and many more. In the everyday ongoing struggle of life if I have been in all these places , even for a few moments then I am grateful for it. If heaven is the happiest place that can be then I have been there, and I hope and pray for more.

Rather than trying to find the answers that might or might not exist, or running after the ever eluding heaven, let us seize all those moments of happiness that find us everyday and we might have been too busy to stop and reflect on them.

I try to find my own place, or a moment in time, of tranquility and laughter that is free from all that is not right with the world. If life gives me even a few such moments then I can say I have experienced a piece of heaven. Let us try to find our own heaven and bask in it. There are beliefs and theories, but no guarantees to find this revered heaven in an afterlife.

Teach our children that heaven can be the happiest “Place on earth”, we can try to make this world full of kindness, so there is happiness and there is heaven. What is your heaven ? 

 Shalini Tyagi is an Indian,born and brought up in India,currently living in Dubai. She is mother of two school going children and is a stay at home mom. An avid reader, she has recently forayed into blogging to bring to light her writing skills. She hosts her own website

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