23 Lessons About Life Learnt From Kids

How wondrous are kids !!! It’s mind blowing to observe their dynamics within and the conclusions they draw on a daily basis. Children’s Day – November 14th in India, November 20th around the world, I want to take the time to appreciate the many, many lesson kids teach us about living fuller lives ! 

The holiday was first celebrated worldwide in October 1953, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954. In India, Children’s Day is observed on November 14 as a public holiday, and is dedicated to the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, for the extreme love for children and worked passionately for the welfare of children.

Thanks to Facebook and parents around the world sharing snippets of their lives, I am inspired daily by kids’ resilience, their creativity, their humor, their compassion and their capacity to think break the proverbial box, not just think outside it.

Of course we don’t need a day to celebrate our children. They are special. In more ways than one. But it’s great to take a minute to acknowledge what THEY bring into our lives. Not just happy moments, and anecdotes but how they make our lives so much more fuller and better by making us want to be better people !
Here are lessons from around the world talking about how the little wonders they come across or live with have inspired –

Lesson 1 

My children taught me to love technology. It’s because of them I embraced the internet and smart phones and Facebook. (I draw the line at SnapChat. Yuck!) They seem to learn so quickly, and embrace new ideas so effortlessly. They’re grown up now, and I admire them very much.

Kay Bolden 

Lesson 2 

I taught children so I learned from them, from my own and now from my grandchildren. They taught me to listen, to be creative, to challenge myself just as I challenged them, to have fun. To make snow angels, to paint, to roll on the floor, to see how care and loving can create wonderful human beings.

Jan Cox

Lesson 3 

My children are emerging adults now (22, 20 & 17). They have taught me how to surrender myself to the moment, to be more present, honest and loving. They’ve also taught me so much about God’s unconditional love; mine is imperfect, but I can’t image NOT loving any one of my children regardless of the path they follow. I believe God’s heart is like that (and so much more).

Caroline DePalatis

Lesson 4 

I’ve learned to slow down and appreciate the small things. There’s nothing so important it’s worth rushing through those magical small moments with them.

Leanna Guillen Mora

Lesson 5 

Taking the time to do things. We’re always in a rush. Let’s slow down!

At night when I often struggled with self doubt and overwhelm from school, my mom would firmly say: Deanne, gives Me a shower and then go to bed. No more thinking tonight.

I still hear her voice when my mind gets spinning and tired.

Deanne Welsh

Lesson 6 

My children have definitely proved to me that “our children do as we do and not as we tell them to do”. Whether it be us, as parents, their teachers or their peers, actions speak louder than words.

Lisa Sadleir

Lesson 7 

For me, being a mom is equal parts challenge and fulfillment. Our kids teach us so many lessons! Parenthood has been the greatest experience of my life. Thanks for the thread!

Katie O Connel 

Lesson 8 

Kids are so creative by nature. They love experiment and play. By listening to them I learnt what works best in teaching.

Galina Nikitina

Lesson 9 

Kids are taught to have good manners and discipline from not only what we teach but also from our deeds. We always try to make it right teaching them to ask sorry and say thanks but unfortunately sometimes we totally forget to apologize or thank them when its needed.

Recently I was reminded by my kid to apologize when I accidentally dropped her toy. That moment I realized its crucial to stay in a way we advice them how to be.

Suja Dinesh

Lesson 10 

More than anything,i hv learned forgiveness n giving a second chance to others!!
Kids never hold grudges, no ego issues !!

Shalini Tyagi

Lesson 11 

I have learned that curiosity keeps us inspired and present! It’s a pathway into just BEing and enjoying, basking in, this BEingness.

I also learned, many years ago, that children are extremely perceptive. They can sense and intuit so much, and it’s very worthwhile to listen to them. To sit with them and learn from their perspectives. The wisdom they hold, without effort, is beautiful!

Courtney Lynn Harris

Lesson 12 

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from my children is how to be a Mom. When I was eight and half months pregnant with my first child in 1992, I remember calling my mom crying. In between sobs, I managed to get out the words, “Mom, what business do I have being pregnant? I don’t know the first thing about kids!” I was 30 years old and, believe it not, I’d never even babysat before. There are no wiser words than those my mom spoke back then. “Jane, you’ll just know.” And that’s exactly what I’ve experienced through the years. Even though children aren’t born with an “instruction manual,” being a Mom, somehow, just came natural. Somehow, I just knew what to do. My children are now 21 and 25, and although I still wish sometimes they’d come with an instructional manual, they’re still teaching me so many wonderful lessons about being a Mom.

Janie Saylor

Lesson 13 

My kids have taught me to dial back my brain. I find I’m thinking slower and feeling deeper than I ever did. Having kids wasn’t just a new chapter in life for me, it was an entirely new book. Where I focused on the goal and the destination now I have realized the value of the journey and the experience. I feel bad for my husband – it’s like he is now married to a totally different person!

Puneeta Chhitwal-Varma

Lesson 14

It’s okay to forgive. I make so many mistakes but every time I apologise, my children greet me with open arms and no grudges while I’m likely to mull over how they are “always” behaving terribly even if they do it only sometimes.

Aparajita Kumar

Lesson 15

I have learned from kids how to be resilient. Kids have difficulties in their lives, just like adults do. They somehow seem to bounce back more easily. Children have taught me to enjoy life in the moment, no matter what your circumstances are.

Cara Whitney Bangerter 

Lesson 16 

I’ve learned that they are their own and never a carbon copy of ourselves. Watching them grow into their personalities has been amazing. I’m so proud of my three daughters and the women they are becoming. 

David Mike

Lesson 17

Believe in your heart and follow your dreams from the 5 yo. Be a succulent and suck up the memories from the 11 yo. From both: sometimes a fire in your heart can get you into a wee bit of trouble. No one can get you down but you, figuratively, and down the mountain.

Nicole Fassnacht Akers

Lesson 18

My 14 month old grand daughter who passed away, taught us how to live in the present, she taught us that little things matter, and how to cherish what we have.

Anne Gollias Peterson

Lesson 19 

I’ve learned children thrive on love and want more of us and more of our attention, than they do material things. Children say it like it is and the humor is so natural. For example, one morning I was driving my 4 year old grandson to school. We saw his neighbor, an elderly woman, walking rather slowly down her driveway. I said, “Hunter, I wonder if your neighbor isn’t feeling well today. She’s moving a little slow this morning.” Hunter replied in a matter-of-fact kind of way and with no disrespect intended, “That’s what old peoples do. They move slow…. Like a sloth.” I cracked up so hard and he didn’t laugh.

Dorris Swift 

Lesson 20 

I am learning that children are sponges that absorb all the information available and then link them in their minds. We can enhance this learning by not just teaching them what’s in their schoolbooks but also getting them interested in other hobbies and interests to develop an overall learning.

I have learned we should never underestimate theri ability and capabilities by our measures. We need to challenge them to think out of the box and be amazed at their creativity.

Rebecca Vijay

Lesson 21 

I learned the graceful power of compassion in response to fear, and the quiet strength of dedication in the face of difficulty from my 8-yr-old grandson.

You can read more about the lessons her grandson’s taught her on her website below.

Lesson 22 

I’ve learned from my kids the importance of being fully and authentically myself. As I watch them grow, I admire their unique personality traits, and I see how they really shine when being true to themselves. I feel like I have learned this lesson many times in my life, but it still helps to remember that I’m happiest being myself.

Lesson 23 

To feel my feelings fully and let them go and move on.

Stephanie Berryman 

My Lesson  

The Biggest life lesson my kids teach me daily is that there has to be a sense of wonder about every thing we do. The fascinating joy and enthusiasm  they have to everything that’s new is truly heart warming. In this cynical world, it is often easy to get lost in the darkness. My kids ensure that my mornings begin with a light heart and smile.

These still just a drop of what kids teach us on a daily basis. And that’s just one of the reasons why it is our responsibility to ensure they are given every possible opportunity to grow in a healthy and happy environment. Not just with our view point, but with the help of the village that is the world !

Pay attention !!! Kids not only inspire to live a better life, they show you a whole new way to look at the world around you.

Raising World Children Brings You 23 Life Lessons Learnt From Kids Around You


Aditi Wardhan Singh is a mom of two, living it up in Richmond Virginia in USA. Raised in Kuwait, being Indian by birth she has often felt out of place. A computer engineer by profession, she is now a freelance writer and entrepreneur having founded Raising World Children. Impromptu dance parties with her little one are her ultimate picker upper. She provides tools to open minded parents to empower their children to raise positive, gracious, global thought leaders. She currently writes for the HuffingtonPost, Thrive Global, RMB and is author in “When You Are Done Expecting ” .

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