Parenting While Being Aware of Our Hormones

‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. How many of you remember reading or coming across John Gray’s famous book? I still have that book on my bookshelf but haven’t managed to read it entirely.

Whether you have read this book or not, let me tell you that the only thing ‘Venus’ about women is the ‘Gillette Venus’ shaving razors.

Women are one-hundred-percent earthly creations, who are often misunderstood for their inexplicable actions and emotional outbursts.

Being a Woman

“Which world are you living in?” “Can you please behave normal?” “Why are you in such a bad mood lately?”

These are just a few of the wonderful phrases we get to hear, depending on how good or bad our hormones have been behaving. Really! Ironically, we get to hear them from our loved ones, who seem to understand us the most (apparently!)

The culprit of most of our bad days is our raging, swinging, dwindling, often off-balance HORMONES. We need to accept the fact and realize that our behavior, our mood, our sanity and so many other aspects of us are all impacted by our hormones.

And if the people in our lives (most importantly our immediate family) could comprehend this, then the world around us would be a much happier place.

From small issues like headaches and bloating to bigger issues like extreme mood swings, anger and anxiety, our hormones affect our body and mind on a daily basis. In some severe cases, the imbalance in our hormones can disrupt our mental health and the functioning of our daily lives.

At some point is life (i.e almost everyday for us women) we must have all whined about something or listened to someone else vent their frustrations. Most women’s problems range from

“My mother-in-law is interfering is so irritating?”
“I am trying hard to lose weight but nothing seems to work.”
“My husband is too busy and has no time for me!”
“The kids are driving me up the wall!!”


As much as it may seem like we are at war with ourselves, if we chose to tackle it, in all probability we may come out of it with a win. Most importantly, we must assess our behavior and what’s going on in our mind. If it seems too extreme, there is no harm in seeking help from a gynecologist or counselor. Recurrent headaches, anxiety and emotional outbursts may need medical intervention.

Being a Mother

The fact that God chose women to give birth to, or raise another life validates that women are very strong emotionally and physically. Women are fantastic at decision making and multitasking. Women are great listeners and often sound advisers. But most of the times, we are often misconstrued because of the role our hormones have played on a particular day.

We are neither a bad species nor hard to get along with. Unpredictable, that we are sometimes! We just need to be understood beyond our bad days and not be judged based on them. When our hormones toss us up and down, all we need is some space followed by hugs (and some kind of dessert in most cases.) Donuts and Cinnamon Rolls can really do the trick for me!

So the next time you flare up at your kids for not cleaning up their room and follow it by loads of hugs and kisses, you know who to blame (sigh!)

Parenting While Being Aware of Your Hormones | Raising World Children | Family | Goals | Motherhood

Taking Charge of Those Raging Hormones

Here are a few tips on how to tackle those ‘happiness-hindering hormones’.

1. Take a walk or do some yoga early in the morning, to help start your day on a positive note.
2. Soak yourself in a warm bath infused with lavender oil, to help relax your mind.
3. Read a book or watch a comedy movie.
4. Cook, bake or just order in your ‘happy food’.
5. Take a break from routine (read: skip work, school, doing the daily chores, etc.)
6. Bribe the kids to do their own work and tidy up their mess, while you take a break. (Movie/beach plans usually do the trick)
7. Book an appointment for a head or body massage.
8. Make your husband/partner read this article.
9. And if none of the above help, then it’s best to seek medical advice/professional help.

And for the men reading this, the next time you are pulled over for leaving your wet towel on the bed, PLEASE stay calm and try not to react. Just get the woman some CHOCOLATE or CAKE and be rest assured, this will be followed up by a HUG. And keep in mind (read: do not forget), the cause of ‘Her-Moans’ are not YOU or HER but her “sneaky hormones!”

Minali Bajaj-Syed is an Indian, born and settled in Kuwait. Having lived in Kuwait, India and the United States, I have had the opportunity to experience a diverse set of cultures. Thus, I consider myself as a global citizen. I am always learning, evolving and trying to spread some positivity. On most days, I am a mother to two kids and a food blogger on Instagram @cinnamon_cardamom.

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