How to Make Your Dreams Come True

And there it is!  The day that you have been putting off your entire life, has arrived.  You have done your best to push it down, put everything and everyone else in front of it but it’s always there.

One day, you’re minding your own business and all of sudden, BAM, the message comes!  It may come as a subtle nudge or commanding boom, whatever it is, you know it’s time.

Live Your Dream

Now, they’ve even made a day of it!  That’s right, January 13 was “Make Your Dream Come True” day.

I don’t know when it started.  What I do know is now, two people know about it!  (hint:  You and me!)  Congratulations!  This is huge.  This is the day you begin to change your life!  Quick!  Go get your calendar and add it.  (P.S. Since I don’t know when you are reading this, it doesn’t matter if it is before or after January 13 and it doesn’t matter what year.  Pick YOUR date).

There are no more excuses.  It’s your time.  Oh no!  You may wonder.  Now what?  How do I make my dreams come true?

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To begin, find a space where you absolutely will not be disturbed. This space will feel peaceful (can be in your home, in a park, parked in your car, anywhere that feels comfortable and safe).

Close your eyes and just breathe.  Allow this moment to be entirely about YOU and YOUR dream. 

Ideally, you will allow yourself anywhere from one minute to 20 minutes to sit quietly with your dream.  Give yourself as much time as you can in this space (and do it daily, whenever possible).  

You’re doing great!

Once your body and mind gets used to the stillness.  Bring your attention to your dream and just sit with it.

Listen. Allow yourself to step into your dream.

As you begin to see yourself in your dream.  Allow your imagination to bring it to life.  What does it look like? What does it feel like?  Can you see yourself there?  How do you see yourself?  What are you wearing?  How does your hair look?  Who else is there?  Begin to create the story in your mind.


In this step, grab your favorite notebook, journal or keyboard and begin to scribe everything you saw in Step 1.  Be as detailed as possible. 

Begin to ask yourself more questions.  Such as: What is the purpose of my dream?  Do I solve problems?  Do I inspire?  Do I build things?  Do I teach?  Do I write? 

Who do I help?  Who will benefit from my dream?  You get the idea.  Take note of all of these answers. 

In Step 1, you began to explore the WHAT of your dream.  You are now expanding on the WHAT of your dream and beginning to look at the WHO of your dream.


Once you have sat with and imagined your dream in Step 1 and then taken the time to write down the What and the Who in Step 2, comes the time to consider, your WHY?

This one is really deep.

It’s not the surface reason of “I want more money”.  “I want more freedom.

It’s the big one.

It is the WHY underneath it all.  When you begin to consider the why underneath your dream, you may have several layers of things you “think” are big enough, but they won’t be.  Keep going.  Think about it.  Sit with it.  Write it.

Keep writing all the reasons WHY your dream is important to you.


When you have done the work for Step 1, moved to Step 2, moved to Step 3, you may be asking “Are we there yet?”.

The answer is:  It depends.

When you look at that extremely determined beautiful plant that has managed to grow through the concrete, you will know that it had a WHY that was so big NOTHING would stop.  It is the WHY that is so big, you keep going when you are ready to quit.  Obstacles no longer stand in your way, because you will find a way around them.

It is the why that says I am determined to make the impossible, possible.

Step 5 – HOW ?

The question that really causes people to get stuck is HOW.  How will I do it?  How do I, etc.  The answer is…it doesn’t matter how.  The how will change.  That is why it is VITAL to get so clear on Step 3 that your life becomes just like the plant in Step 4.  You might ask how I know, because I’m doing it now and the only thing that is impossible is the dream that doesn’t have a big enough WHY.

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Tammy Coin is a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Transformational Life & Spiritual Coach, Author, Teacher and Speaker. She holds sacred space & helps you locate the unhealed emotions leftover from Childhood Abuse & Trauma that block the door to your authentic self. She then partners with you, using the pieces of her own life, to empower, motivate and inspire you to fully uncover and step into your Soul Purpose. You can find Tammy Coin on Facebook @IntriguingInsights or @TheDoorsofWellness


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