How To Make A DIY Pop-up Valentines Day Card

Gifting cards is a lovely gesture mostly everyone does. But instead of rushing to the Hallmark wouldn’t be more personal if you can send them a handmade greeting card? Here is a simple pop up valentines card for you and your kids to try out for this Valentine’s day.


Materials Required:

1.Cardstock Paper
2.Color paper
3.Washi Tape
5.Glue Stick
7.Foam sticker

DIY Pop-up Card for Valentine's Day | How To Make An Easy Valentines Card for Kids | Raising World Children | Passionate Moms


Method to Make A Pop Up Valentines Card:


1. Let’s cut the heart out of a paper. It’s the template we going to use for the greeting card.
Fold a piece of paper in half. Draw a half-heart shape along the folded edge of the paper and cut the heart out.
2. With the help of the template trace the half heart along the folded edge of the cardstock paper.
3.Carefully cut through the heart trace leaving a 1cm in both sides uncut. To make sure the heart can still be in the cardstock paper but able to fold it as a pop-up.
4. Now using the same template make a heart from the glittering foam sticker. Peel it and paste over the pop-up heart.
5. Take another piece of the cardstock with the same size of the pop-up card and paste it together using a glue stick.
6. With the similar method cut few small hearts out of a black color paper.
7. Fold hearts in half and paste one over the other in the card as shown in the video.
8.Using a washi tape cut a small piece and paste it over the hearts. You can use strings instead of washi tape.
9. Again paste a different washi tape, over the corner of the card.
10. Now you can label the card with whatever wording you like using the marker.

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