Valentine’s Day Themed Art By Kids

We bring to you beautiful pieces of art by kids of Mayur studio who under the watchful eye of Neelima Ganta create masterful strokes in art.

Neelima Ganta is the Owner and Artist of Mayur art studio. She enjoys painting with Acrylics and passing on the tradition of color to her students so they can carry a love for the arts within them.

Each student has created an imaginative piece around the theme of Valentines day showing that love translates differently for different eyes.

You can check out more Neelima’s work on on the website for her studio – Mayur Studio¬†. She is open to creating new pieces and selling commissioned art as well as teaching your child to create their next masterpiece.

Don’t forget to send your child’s creation to us at contact@localhost. Submission guidelines can be found here.

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