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How To Make A DIY Handmade Card For Women’s Day

One of the things I find most inspiring is women openly supporting and lifting each other up. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than thanking those admirable women in your life?

They say that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, try this simple yet beautiful DIY handmade card idea and surprise your beloved woman, your mom, sisters & all ladies on this 8th March International Women’s day. With some construction paper, a few embellishments, and a little creativity, you can create a one-of-a-kind Women’s Day card just for the woman you admire in your life.

Let’s get started.


Supplies Needed:
  • Cardstock paper
  • Construction paper or color paper
  • Glitter foam sheet (optional)
  • Glue Stick
  • Marker or Pen
  • Paper Punch – Flower Shape
  • Cellotape (transparent tape), Washi Tape.

Women's day card | How to Make an Easy Women's Day Card Celebrating Women on International Women's Day

Method To Make Women’s Day Handmade Card

Card Front: Hot Air Balloon Design:

  1. On the color paper, trace hearts and cut it out. Paste them together one over the other as shown in the video.
  2. Now paste them in the cardstock paper folded as a card using a glue stick.
  3. Trace cloud shapes on a blue color paper and cut it out. Paste the clouds around the hearts.
  4. Using a marker sketch the basket under the hearts to make it look like a hot air balloon.
Card’s Inner side: Paper Woman Dress
  1. Take a color paper of your choice ( I used black color) and fold it like a skirt with frills. This part is bit tricky but you can do it with patience.
  2. Trace the dress top on a glitter foam sheet and cut it out.
  3. Now using the transparent tape paste the skirt part on the cardstock. After that, paste the (shirt part )glitters sheet on the top of the skirt part as shown.
  4. You can use washi tape for extra decoration which is completely optional.
  5. Using the flower paper punch create paper flowers and paste it all over the card.
  6. At last, fill the cards with your desired wordings or any women’s day quotes.

That’s it your amazing card for to surprise your beloved women in your life is ready!

I am sure this women’s day is going to be more special for you when you make this handmade card to gift the special woman in your life. I’d love to hear what you have come up with to add to what I’ve created.

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