5 Best Places to Visit in Colorado Springs with Kids

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Colorado Springs is a beautiful mountain town in Colorado state in the USA. It has many places to attract tourists and it is a nature lover’s paradise.

When I first visited this place a year ago, I fell in love with the mountains around the town. Nature seems beautiful even in winter with snow. There are a lot of places which kids will love. Here is a list of the best 5 places we enjoyed visiting with our kids.

  1. Pikes Peak Cog railway

Most of the kids enjoy the train rides. When the train goes to a mountain peak called “Pikes Peak” which is at 14,500 ft above sea level, it’s an incredible experience. This 3 hrs 15 mins round trip is never to be missed if you are visiting Colorado Springs. The trip to the peak offers fantastic views of valleys, lakes, forests and, waterfalls. If you are lucky, you might get a sight of animals like bighorn sheep, elks and squirrels. The summit has a gift shop and café to refresh. The donuts sold at the peak are crispy and delicious.

  1. Royal Gorge Bridge

Does your kid love a Gondola ride? Then, this bridge and park in Canon city which is around 1 hr drive from Colorado Springs is not to be missed. Royal Gorge is one of the world’s tallest suspension bridges. The Gondola ride gives breathtaking views of the valley and Arkansas river in the canyon. A walk on the bridge is also nice with kids. The entry is $23 per adults and $18 per child above 2 years old.

  1. Garden of the Gods

This is a natural park with free admission. Your child might love to watch the red rock formations and predict the shapes of rocks. There is an option to try rock climbing for kids. Balanced rock is the main attraction of the place where one rock is balanced on the top of the other. The visitor center has a lot of educational information for children to learn about how the rocks are formed. There are many walking trails and hiking activities and this place is beautiful to visit in all the seasons.

4. Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

At an elevation of 6800 ft above sea level, this is one of the highest zoos in America. This zoo is home to over 750 animals and 170 species of animals. There are many engaging exhibits for the kids and rides like carousel and skyline ride. Children can spot over 150 species of reptiles along with animals like snow leopard, tigers, giraffes, grizzly bears etc., Children will love feeding Giraffes. Admission is around $19.75 for adults and $14.75 for kids.

  1. Cave of the winds

These caves are millions of years old but discovered only in 1869. They have many limestone formations which are formed naturally over the years. The caves have regular tours to educate children and adults alike. The knowledgeable guides explain about cave geology and the differences between many limestone formations. There are adventurous rides as well like Bat-A-pult, wind walker challenge and Terror -Dactyle.

Stalactites inside the caves

I love this variety of tourist attractions here. A cave, A Mountain summit, A bridge, Natural rock formations and a zoo. Don’t you agree?

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Mahathi Ramya Raising World Children - Where Cultures Meet Parenting Mahathi Ramya is a mom of 2 boys, a blogger, software testing professional and a classical dance teacher. She writes on books, travel, and parenting. She loves writing, traveling and painting a lot.


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Author: Mahathi Ramya

I am a mom of 2 boys, a classical dance teacher, software testing professional who loves to wear many hats. For me, writing and traveling are therapeutic. I enjoy writing about parenting, books, travel and multicultural aspects.

10 Replies to “5 Best Places to Visit in Colorado Springs with Kids

  1. Great ideas! I Love the Cheyenne mountain zoo, we had a blast feeding the giraffes. Also love the idea of the railway for kiddos. We will have to check that one out!

  2. I love all of your photos! Thanks for sharing this – my husband and I just moved from Colorado Springs back in November and we are home sick for it!

  3. I don’t have little children anymore, but when we did, Colorado Springs was one of our favorite places to visit… still is. We dream we may retire there one day. I loved your list and will need to hit a few of those as well when we return. We also love to stop and visit the Air Force Academy when we are there. Pikes Peak and Garden of the gods is a must see every time we go 🙂 Thanks for this blissful reminder of that most beautiful purple mountain majesty piece of paradise that is a National Treasure!

  4. For some reason, my husband is totally obsessed with Colorado right now & would love all of this! The trip would be more for him than the littles haha.

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