7 Culturally Diverse Books with Unique World Views

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Today Can we please talk books? My love for writing follows very close on the heels of my incurable love for books.

This is one cosmic connection that has always been there, since the beginning of time.

The beautiful enchanting wonderland books, smiling,winking,beckoning me to step into that book store or library.

Books have always been my escape. A medium that gave some order to those random thoughts.

I still remember the day in school when I stepped into the school library and knew this was my world, I belonged.

Since then Reading for me has been an ongoing process, so I compiled a list of few books, mostly fiction. These titles I would recommend any book lover to read this year.

Please remember this is just a handful of books I have listed here, some well known others not so much.

Author: Kyung-Sook Shin

This is one book that has stuck with me since the day I finished it, a few years back. Originally written in Korean this book was translated in English and has received a lot of acclaim internationally.

Even in translation this book has not lost its essence.

It tells the story of a 69 year old woman ,who is separated from her husband in the crowds of Seoul Station. Thus ensues a frantic search for her, mounted by her family.

During this search her family re-visits their lives with her.In hindsight they discover how selfless and forgiving a mother can be in her giving.

I would not spoil your reading by letting on what becomes of this search. What I can assure you is that out of the millions books out there take out time to read this one.

You might like it or not , but be assured this book will leave you with a fragrance to remember. You will not come out of this one empty handed.


If you don’t know of him already, you should get reading right now.

He makes you smile with his characters and in the next instant wrenches your heart with the pain in his words.

Three of his notable works have been my favorites and are must reads if you haven’t already read these.


Here Hosseni takes us to the heart of his beautiful country and makes you understand the serenity and peace that was once Afganisthan.

This is the story of two young boys and their friendship despite their social differences.

The author paints an incredible picture of friendship, betrayal and abandonment amidst a war torn land. He brings forth an unflattering face of human beings.

At the same time this book speaks about how life will always give you a second chance to make amends and pay back for what you received. From Kabul to America and back to the Taliban controlled Afganisthan this books comes a full circle.


Another spectacular work by Hosseni , this book centers on two women whose lives get intertwined after a series of drastic events.

They are both thrown into an abusive arrangement being married to the same man.

In the back drop of Kabul , a land torn with war and a personal life havoc with abuse, the only thing that keeps these woman going is hope.

Despite all the ensuing heart breaking events the desire to survive keeps them alive and they forge a strong bond.

You delve into this book looking for a story and come out a stronger person.


In this work Khaled Hosseni takes us to the heart of Afganisthan and tells us about his land in a raw manner.
Here he tells the story of two siblings, a ten year old boy and his three year old sister.After having lost their mother the brother takes care of the little girl with his whole heart. These children are separated by the father and this little boy is left searching for his sister.

The narration will pull at your heart strings, all the raw emotions laid so bare. Something in this book makes you want to reach out and rectify all that is so wrong with this world and bring smiles to these little kids.
Khaled Hosseni has a great knack to tear your heart apart and make it whole again.

Author:Harper Lee

For me Harper Lee will always be synonymous as “To kill a mocking bird”.There must be very few people who have not heard of this book or the movie with same name.

The day I finished the book I realized not all super-heroes have to wear capes and jump from towers.
Some can be average people too and Atticus Finch is definitely one of them.Atticus Finch, the protagonist of the story, makes you believe that no matter how many people stand to lie one voice of truth is enough for it to triumph.

This novel exudes a warmth and humor narrated through the eyes of child.It talks about injustices, social stigmas of racism, class etc.

It talks about how a common man can stand tall through all this darkness alone, still his light shining bright.

Author: Kathryn Stockett

I am sure many of you have watched the movie starring Ema Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer. The Help is a book that is worth every minute of your time spent on it.
This book is narrated from the perspectives of three African-American women working in white American households as Helps.

Set in the 1960’s the book talks about the racial discrimination and social fabric of the society.Somewhere in the background there is also depiction of the civil rights movement lead by Martin Luther King.
This book is a roller coaster of emotions where a white girl decides to bring forth the story of these three black women to the world, in an uncensored manner.

Author: Jumpa Lahiri

One on the notable works of this Indian Author, this is one of my personal favorites.

This is the story of the life of a young couple who migrate to America and raise a family there. The book talks about the struggles of a family with roots deep into the culture of their homeland and wings ready to embrace the new sky.

A young man who never thought of leaving his land, until he survives a horrific train crash. He is propelled to travel the world by the words of a fellow traveler on the ill-fated journey.

This book talks about the struggles of living in a new land and creating a niche for themselves.

The Namesake is a very authentic journey of an Indian immigrant Family, but is relatable to anyone who leaves their homeland in search of a better life.

There are so many other names that I want to add to this list and many more that I would discover with time. I would recommend you to go ahead pick up one of these books and befriend it.

In many stages of life, so many books have been those friends that got me through the worst of days. Those characters that would hold my hand and walk me through the adolescent turmoil of teenage.

A book has the power to hold your hand and take you to places unknown. You travel without moving an inch, you understand the world a little better, you gain knowledge even without realizing it.

In books, you might find poets who will speak your heart when you fall short of words.

So fellow book lovers please go ahead and add your personal choice to this list.

7 Culturally Diverse Books With Unique World Views | Multicultural books for adults

  Shalini Tyagi is an Indian,born and brought up in India,currently living in Dubai. She is mother of two school going children and is a stay at home mom. An avid reader, she has recently forayed into blogging to bring to light her writing skills. She hosts her own website tyagishalinid.com

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