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How To Make DIY Paper Butterflies

These paper butterflies are just awesome. Isn’t it amazing how a single square sheet of paper can be turned into something as beautiful as these paper butterflies? This is a perfect craft to do with your kids which you can use it as a wall decor too. Let’s get started with the supplies you need.


Accordion Style Paper Butterfly:

Supplies Needed:

  • Square Paper
  • Scissors
  • Chenille stem


  1. Cut the square paper into two halves.
  2. Take one of the paper and fold it in the ends as shown in the video.
  3. Now fold the paper in accordion style starting from the middle of the paper.
  4. Take another piece of paper and turn it vertically to fold it in accordion style.
  5. Now join the two folded papers using the chenille stem and leave the ends long enough to form the antennas.
  6. Now carefully expand the papers to form the butterfly-like appearance. That’s It! you have your paper butterfly to decor your wall.

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Origami Butterfly:

This is an easy craft and a perfect way to introduce origami to your kids.

Supplies Needed:

  • Square paper
  • Scissors


  1. Create a number of folds across the center of the square paper as shown in the video.
  2. Now, open out the paper and you should have folds crisscrossing the square in a star.
  3. Now using the diagonal folds as a guide, you will need to push each side inwards where the diagonal fold is to create a triangle shape. (See video.)
  4. Fold the half of each curved tip side and fold it inwards towards the middle crease.
  5. Now flip the paper and fold the pointy tip behind and bring it up to peek about 5mm over the top edge. Fold that 5mm tip down to overlap the main part.
  6. Now bring the two curved points back down to the front to make a crease in the center, to keep everything in place and finish off the butterfly shape.

That’s It! It’s so easy you can’t stop at one. Make a whole lot and have fun.

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