How to Avoid Living The Social Media Perfect Life

Do you live life in the messy middle? Watch the interview where Sherrie Mccarthy and Aditi Wardhan Singh discuss how hard it is to be yourself onsocial media as well as how to avoid the pitfalls many moms face when living life in the digital age.



What exactly it is that you do?

I’m an author and creativity coach. I have also recently added Doterra health consultant since discovering the joy that is esentional oils!

How did you come about this passion/profession?

I have been a writer my whole life, but it wasn’t until grief took me out at the knees that I realized how silly it was that I wasn’t claiming it.

Tell us about your family.

We are a Canadian, German family based in Berlin and currently afloat in the Carribean! We set sail from Poland on our boat Fallor in April 2017. My oldest is 5 and the youngest is 3!

What do you think are three biggest struggles most parents go through when regards to living their life fully these days?

1. Judgement
2. Information overload
3. Not enough support

Everyone has advice but fewer are there to actually help!

What are 5 ways a person can get over comparisons with another’s mom journey?

1. Yoga (seriously anything can be worked out on the mat!)
2. Journalling (Im a big believer in the power of writing to dive deep and discover if what you are upset about is what you truly believe or you are letting someone else trigger you)
3. Meditation (even 5 minutes will connect you with you and calm you down and bring you back to your own path)
4. A supportive community. Sometimes just asking like minded people can bring you back to sanity.
5. Digital detox. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t fill you with joy!

Do you have any resources to help our readers ?

2 free videos from the Creative and Vibrant living virtual retreat (no credit card required just sign up for the free trial!)

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