Lori Isenstadt - How to prepare for post partum

How To Prepare for Post Par-tum




  1. What exactly it is that you do? 

As a lactation consultant, I spend my days helping moms with all issues related to breastfeeding.  I use my expertise and meet with moms and their babies to help them overcome breastfeeding challenges they are experiencing.  I am the host of the popular itunes podcast called – All About Breastfeeding where I interviews moms about their breastfeeding experiences.

2. How did you come about this passion/profession? 

I became a “birth and breastfeeding junkie” shortly after the b irth of my first baby.  Unhappy with my birth experience, I began learning all I could about pregnancy and birth.  I soon became a certified childbirth educator and quickly moved further in my career and became a birth doula.  Loving the art and science of breastfeeding, I became a lactation consultant in 2001 and have been helping moms with breastfeeding ever since.

3. Tell us about your family. 

I am fortunate enough to be part of a big family of 5 kids.  I am the middle child with 2 sisters and 2 brothers.  My husband Alan and I have 3 beautiful kids who make us proud every day.

4. What do you think are three biggest struggles most new moms go through philosophically (just to make people aware of new mom problems)? 

I find that the biggest struggles moms go through are:

  1.  Trying to keep up with the Jones
  2.   Feeling guilty they are not doing enough.
  3.  Figuring out ways that they can make time for their own personal growth and still be there for their kids.

5. What are 5 ways a new mom can help herself ?


  1.  Reach out and connect with other mothers in her community.
  2. Check out your local library and see what is offered  in the childrens section for you and your child
  3. Get out of the house each and every day.  Take your baby for a walk.  Begin with just 10 minutes and gradually stay out longer.  Weather not good?  Dress properly and just walk from one end of your block and back.   Go out into your backyard and walk back and forth, smell the fresh air.
  4. Put a plan in place so that you know you will have a good dinner at least 4 nights a week and the other nights can be leftovers.
  5. Try hard to not be too shy to ask for help & to tell loved ones exactly what it is you need.

6. How do you think friends can help new moms best? (gifts / etc )

When offering help, be specific in what you are willing to do.

Anytime you come over – be prepared with a healthy meal OR be prepared to listen to her

Anytime you come over – call first – say you are going to the “xyz” store and can you pick up anything for her.

If you feel mom is shy and won’t ask for anything – ask her husband or mother what they think she would like – don’t guess or get something that you would like – make sure it is s omething she wants.

Chip in with a few friends and pay for a house cleaner.

8. Do you have any resources for our readers ?

All About Breastfeeding free handouts on the early days of breastfeeding and working and pumping:

Ebook-  New Mother’s Survival Guide –  Practical tips for the new mother

Check out more videos from other parenting experts here.

Celebrating All Things Motherhood in Richmond May 5th. Click Here to Learn More .

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