For Every Daughter Entering Adulthood

Every parent wishes their child to be a lot of things. But what happens to a parent’s emotions when their child becomes an adult?
Here is a beautiful poem written by a mother for her daughter as she hits that beautifully adventurous age 21.
Ok, Let’s have that adult-adult talk today.
Have a dream and follow it.
Have a purpose in life and fulfill it.
Have empathy and be empowered!
Do Everything with passion.
Do only what feels right in your heart
When you follow your dreams,
people may laugh at you
Just ignore them and keep going.
Then they start talking behind your back,
Show off and Vested Interest are the weapons they use,
Just overcome those and fly high!
Never talk behind anyone’s back,
Be truthful to all,
and be straight on their face.
Be open with your feelings to all,
Some may hate you for the time being, but that’s ok,
They may come back to you eventually.
Some may hate you forever, which is ok too,
Because they don’t deserve you anyway.
Never break anyone’s trust in you,
Always hear both sides of the story.
Value experiences more than money,
The money will come and go,
But the experience you made will stay with you forever!
Never trust anyone blindly.
Have friends who inspire you and lift you up!
Set standards, expectations and goals for yourself,
Once you realize who you are, reveal your true self to the world.
Then you look around and see that boy with admiration, respect and love in his eyes for you,
Hey, that is your partner girl! (BTW mom got lucky very early though)
Fly high like a kite and stay grounded at the same time.
Always remember,
Nothing is the end of the world,
You have always a place to fall back,
Your family is always here for you,
Enjoy life one day at a time.
  Mrs.Menon always exceeds the expectations of an average math teacher. After attaining an MA in Economics, a BS in Math, and a California Certified Teaching Credential, Mrs. Menon has worked various jobs in the educational field. Throughout her career, Raji has branched out from the ordinary roles of a teacher and dedicated her life to not only teach math but to reach out to youth and help each individual become a civilized member of the community. Mrs. Menon is the entrepreneur of her own business, Gurukulam , which derives from a thriving after-school enrichment center, where she teaches math both in-class and online, an active blog (, and a social organization which participates in numerous projects for the less fortunate.



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