Raising Funds Through Art with Kids

Have you ever considered encouraging your kids’ creativity for the good of others?

Mayur Art Studio owner Neelima Ganta did just that with the kids in her classes. She got together all the kids work and helped raise funds for the ASK Childhood Cancer Fund.

Every week in Central Virginia, 1-2 kids are diagnosed with cancer. Kids like Caleb. ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation’s mission is to make their lives better by providing Assistance, Support and Kindness when kids and their families needs it most. ​​From the moment of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond. You can help too. Click here to find out how. 

Neelima Ganta created an art show at the Tuckahoe public library. At the event, her many students and she herself proudly displayed their works of art for the benefit of the ASK Cancer Fund. You can find out more about Neelima, her art and the classes she provides here. 

  Neelima Ganta is an Indian born and raised artist, currently residing in Richmond, Virginia USA, is a certified Art instructor.Her artistic progress began as a child as she grew up in a family of Artists. She began picking up in various kinds of arts and crafts since she was 6yrs. Though she did masters in fine arts she preferred to say she was self- thought. Her art is characterized by vibrant colors and bold composition. Most of her works are with acrylics and oil paintings but will enjoy working with other mediums like Oil pastels and pencil and Charcoal also.

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