I Say Laurel And You Say Yanny

Did you hear the recent sound clip “Yanny vs Laurel” that divided the online world? If not, check it out here. Or maybe, you remember checking the Instagram pic of a gold and white (or black and blue dress) that broke the internet in 2015. If not, check it out here.

We all had so much fun laughing and just randomly arguing about how what we saw or heard was correct and how others were wrong. We ganged up on the one person who heard Yanny. We wanted to “unfriend” everyone who heard Laurel. We thought people who say the black and blue dress were outright delusional.

And yes, we all are right in our own way. There are scientific explanations of why our opinions differ and why we hear these words differently or see colors different.

What do we learn from these experiences?

The debates of “Laurel vs Yanny” and “The Blue and Black” dress bring to light that every opinion that we have as humans differs from person to person. We all experience things differently. Our experiences may differ because of our upbringing, our natural likes and dislikes, our surroundings, our race, our religion, our city, our conditioning, our belief systems, our very different growing up experiences and not to mention our internal chemistry and our very unique DNA.

All these matter every single time we experience something and give an opinion. 

How many topics are out there in this world that brings out just that in us? A difference of opinion and hatred?

Have you heard people argue about abortion? Have you heard people argue about the existence of GOD? Have you heard people argue about feminism? Have you heard people argue about LGBT rights?

The list goes on…

But today in the light of these debates, I have realized that there is beauty in seeing the world through other people’s experiences. Learning a different point of view, relating to a story, understanding science, history or some other side of an argument can help us bring more compassion in this world.

That does not mean that we have to agree with everyone else and their opinions. What it means is that we do not have to be mean and call names. It means that we do not really have to unfriend people because they have a different opinion.

It means that we do not have to judge them for them being comfortable with the current President. It means that we do not have to be afraid of people of different color and or religion.

It means that we have to breathe and give other person space to have their own experience. It means we have to show more love and respect for people to have their opinion instead of calling them stupid, arrogant or “bitch”.

What can we do differently?

So today in light of my lens and my point of view, I call upon all of you reading this message to show compassion to at least one person who has a different opinion than yours. You do not have to suddenly become best friends with them.

But if you are arguing, be open to listening to their story and their point of view. Be willing to listen where their opinion is coming from. Be willing to let them have their experience. Be willing to share your experience with your opinion. Be open to sharing your own story. Be willing to co-exist and be different. Because different doesn’t always mean wrong, weird or unacceptable.

Different many times means just that…DIFFERENT!

Different opinions doesn't always have to mean something.

Sneha J is a mom of two boys and a true multi-passionate at heart. She is a Certified Neuro-Transformational Results Coach, a Master Reiki Practitioner, Tarot Enthusiast and a Mom Blogger. She has a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering from North Carolina State University. She is also a Mindfulness Enthusiast. Being brought up in an Indian culture, spirituality and meditations were part of growing up. After working in a very masculine manufacturing environment for 10+ years, she decided to change paths and explore her true passion. She is deeply inspired to use public platforms to spread the message of conscious connections and less stress in the world. To learn more about her visit stresslesswithsnehaj.com

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