Twinkle Toes – Shanmathi

Twinkle Toes

Once upon a time in the night, there lived a beautiful little shining bright star named Twinkle Toes. She had a father named Sam and a mother named Cassy. When the time Twinkle Toes was born her mother  & father loved her name. Twinkle Toes loved her name.

One day Twinkle Toe went to her school for the first time. Every one had a name tag. Everyone’s name fitted on the name tag except Twinkle Toes. Lots of people were making fun of her.

When Twinkle Toes went home, she cried a lot. She said, “Why is my name so long everyone is make lots of fun of my name.”

“Your name is perfect”, said the mother.

” Go to school again and lets see if they make fun again”, said father. Twinkle Toes went to school.

The next day they went to music class and in the music class. She asked the teacher her name. She said Chrysanthemum. It hardly fit on her name tag. It hardly even fit on her name tag. When everyone saw her name they never made fun of Twinkle Toes again.

Then Twinkle Toes loved her name again.


  I am 8 years old. Live in Texas. Going to third grade. Interested in writing stories, singing and dancing. Love to play with friends and family. I wanna became teacher.






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