The “Gift” of Being Special

Oh! Why you?
You can’t do this..
Dear, you are not the one for the task
Please, leave ,you are not the gifted one !!

Gifted one!!
I mean
Who can judge
Whether you are gifted or not??

It’s just the perceptional thought to push the person back to his den..
Taking shelter of the ‘gifted’ word
Some people take their lethargy to a superior position.
And some people gets a chance to pull you down.

Really ! It happens !!
Contrarily, your hard-work can make you ‘gifted’
May be you might become the ‘gifted one’
That you had desired all through your lives…

Running away from labor,
Becoming a staunch believer
Of so called ‘destiny’
Never really helps!!

What helps in every situation
Is just the belief–
Things don’t happen on their own
You have to make them happen..

The choice is yours
Become the gifted one by your own choice
Remain the ordinary one glancing other ‘gifted ones’..
There’s no substitute for hardwork

There’s no shortcut to your desired goals
Nobody can stop you if you dare to win.
The sooner you understand
The better it is for you
And the more benefit you get

The more happy you will be
Simultaneously, the more ‘gifted’
You’ll be called.
Believe in yourself!

The world will believe in you !!

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