This Holiday Season Remember the Helpers with Gratitude

Remembering the helpers… I am most grateful!

To the volunteers, helpers, emergency services workers, teachers, family, friends, and my mum… I wish to say “Thank you!”

Sometimes we take for granted the helpers in our world!

Today, I was witness to a volunteer, a helper, harassed online for her efforts. Last week, I saw a soccer coach say he has confrontations weekly, for ‘not running his team the “right” way’.

This is not ok! This must stop!

Attention, please! These are our volunteers! People that rearrange their schedules, give up their family time, and do special training so they can be our helpers. If you can do a better job – prove it! Take the course! Be on the receiving end of ungrateful people’s comments week after week.

I understand we are all busy with duties to attend to, errands to run, families to look after, working long days…

When was the last time you actually did not just toss “Thank you” over your shoulder as you departed, in a hurry?

When was the last time you took the time to say “Thank you” to your:

  • Football coach?
  • Netball coach?
  • Librarian?
  • Scouts leader?
  • To the police officer who helped with directions?
  • The nurse taking your blood pressure?
  • The cleaner at work?
  • The postman who delivered your mail?

When was the last time you stopped and said, “Thanks for making my lunch, Mum!”

When was the last time you made the time to stop and validate the contributions people, tirelessly and selflessly, make to our lives?

In this world, at this time, we are quick to criticize all the mistakes people make. We have no trouble pointing out the erroneous grammar in an article we are reading (yes, I am guilty of this too!), a spelling mistake in the book we are reading, and decisions of government we disagree with… but how often do we stop to say “thank you”, and mean it?

A post popped up today from one of my favorite blogs for young children’s books: Growing Book by Book. It talks about books for teaching children about gratitude and appreciation.

In the list is a book recommended for my dyslexic son by one of his teachers. It is called “Thank you, Mr Falker” by Patricia Polacco, about a child’s school experience: her inability to read although she is desperate to do so, several years pass and she still cannot read, then a very special teacher works out her issues, and helps her back on track.-

I like the reminders to be grateful and appreciative.  The lessons to share with our children but… maybe we can take it one step more… stop and take the time to say “Thank you!”

“Thank you” to our family who always respond when we need their assistance. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the freedom and thankfulness in just knowing our support network is but a call away.

I live in a bicultural/ biracial family. In our second language Arabic, you do not use the word “Thank you” to your family members. You may assume your request is considered and a response forthcoming with the solution an act of love, and care – your acceptance of their assistance is the only thank you expected. I find it very difficult at times when my family is doing something for me. I am most grateful but my “thank you” always met with surprise and a “You don’t have to thank me, you are family!” The understanding that they do what they can to make each other’s lives easier, and I am by extension of marriage included, is rather humbling.

I am just sitting here thinking….

  • Eighteen months ago, we changed continents.
  • Our majority language became our minority language and our minority language became our majority language.
  • We changed cultures.
  • We changed from living in a house to living in an apartment.

Just one of these things may have been difficult but…

  • I am so grateful for the experience.
  • I am grateful for the new teachers of my children who are working to help us improve our children’s literacy in their new majority language.
  • I am most grateful of all for the family and friends who have supported this move and helped us settle anew!

Who are you grateful for today?

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