Your Parenting Style Defines Your Child – Identify it Now!

Healthily raising children is an essential factor.  Every single parent faces various difficulties and using  parenting styles to raise their child. With the help of parenting styles, parents set rules for children and expect to conform their children to follow them.  There are four types of parenting styles such as authoritative parenting, neglectful parenting, permissive parenting, and authorization parenting style. Sometimes, parents are not aware form their parenting style which parenting style they are using.   With the variety of parenting styles impact the children differently.

Identify Your Parenting Style

Authoritative Parenting

Authoritative parenting is one of the best styles of parents and provides open communication style for children.  This parenting style is the most effective and beneficial parenting style for healthy children. This type of parenting creates a healthy environment around the children and supports their children at any situation. Authoritative parenting is easily recognized from their high expectation from their children and a deep understanding of children expectation. With authoritative parents, quickly make a healthy home without any conflicts and communication gap between children and parents.   There are some points to how to recognize Authoritative parenting style such as:

  •   If you have your child day structure such as planned for bedtime and understood household rules.
  •   If you know, the child expectation from their behavior and these expectations are reasonable.
  •   If you have a healthy and open communication line with your child.  In case, you child say anything with you without any fear and shyness.
  •   If your children easily share their experience with you without any negative thought and concern.

Neglectful Parenting:

This type of parenting style is the most severe parenting style.  Neglectful parents are responsible for their childish behavior and rarely fluctuate naturally.  If you can recognize yourself in neglectful parenting, then you need to improve relationships with children and backtrack on healthy and happy family relationship.

Some points can recognize neglectful parenting style such as:

  •    Do you care about your children such as emotional, physical and others?
  •    Do you can better understand what’s going on in your children life?
  •    Do you can provide safe space for a child and share with their experience and want to positive feedback as compare to negative or no feedback.
  •     Do you spend a long time away from home and leave a child alone at home.
  •     Often, can you find out some excuse for not being here for a child?
  •     Do you know about your childhood friends and teachers?

Permissive Parenting

Permissive parenting is also called indulgent parenting. The parenting type is another potentially harmful style of parenting.  The permissive parenting type of parents is responsive but not demanding. These parents tend to be lenient whereas trying to avoid confrontation.   The best benefit of this type of parents is very nurturing and loving. The permissive parents set few rules for their children and regulations are inconsistent. There are few points to how to recognize permissive parents such as:

  •   If you are no established rules and limits on your children, then you can easily compromise with your standards for your children mood.
  •    If you avoid your children conflicts.
  •     You have willingness to your children best friend rather than their parents.
  •     This type of parenting style gives freedom without any consequence.

Authorization Parenting:

Authorization parents are also called strict parents.  The authorization parenting parents who are demanding but not responsive.   Authorization parents allow for open to a conversation between child and parent.   And always expect from children to follow a set of rules and expectations. This type of parents usually relies on punishment to demand obedience and teach a lesson for children. There are some points to recognizing your authorization parent’s styles such as:

  •   Do you have strict rules for children and you believe be followed by children in any situation?
  •    Do you often find yourself not explain the states other than children wants to teach?
  •    In case, you can give a few choice and decisions to your child about their own life.
  •    If you are reserved in the amount of warmth and nurturing and show your child.
  •    If you find out yourself utilizing punishment as a means of getting your child to do what you ask?

The structure and rules of authorization parents are the best way for the healthy development of children.  With the authorization, parenting builds a better relationship between child and parents and open communication with children.   The children of authorization parents are prone to low self-esteem, fearful or shy, the obedience of love and possible to do misbehave when outside the parent care.   Every single parent wants to make a better and healthy relationship with the child and understand their expectation and requirements.

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