Teaching Kids the Value & Art of Self-Discipline

When you hear the word discipline in context of kids you picture screaming at out of control kids.

There is a lot of debate about the approach to “disciplining kids”.

Although fundamentally there is a marginal difference between trying to discipline kids and imbibing in kids the value and appreciation of a disciplined life style. Mostly the word discipline is perceived as something harsh.

Here I want to talk about it in a completely favorable light.

When you discipline kids you tell them how to behave, you set boundaries teaching them what is the right kind of behavior and what is not acceptable. Unwillingly we even resort to punishments. We all admit disciplining kids is an uphill task.

Discipline on the other hand can be a way of life. Growing up we lived a structured life that made us make the most of the day. Adhering to waking and sleeping schedules, mostly being on time and valuing others time became second nature.

To many this might seem like military school and to some pointless but now at this age I realize it goes a long way. Discipline will not only give you focus in life but develops strength of character too.


Importance of Discipline:

“ If you value time, time will value you.”

Elaborating on this, it has a simple meaning “Time lost never comes back”. Starting at the basics, children tend to flourish more if they lead a structured life.

Our bodies also function better and thrive when we stick to a schedule.

A kid who gets at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is more alert. Well rested kids are mentally better in sync with their feelings less prone to temper tantrums.

Discipline in food habits makes children physically strong and healthy also playing a vital role in their overall growth.

I personally try to stick to healthy meals and on designated times, though also leaving room for a little negotiation. While a little deviation from daily life teaches children flexibility a complete haywire lifestyle tends to leave them feeling insecure.

Kids need to be taught the difference between right and wrong and as parents or guardians they expect us to lead the way by ourselves practicing what we preach.

In order to be any kind of authority in your child’s life follow through on your word.

Try your best to stick to the daily organized routine.

Sometimes situations cannot be what we expect but making the most of a negative situation with a positive mindset is the foundation to a balanced life.

Teaching Kids Self Discipline


 After introducing kids to discipline the next thing is self discipline.

Imagine a world where no one stuck to any time schedules. There would be no optimum utilization of any resource or anybody’s time. It would definitely be a world going crazy.

I cannot imagine this even for argument’s sake. Now in addition to sticking to meal and bed times I insist on my kids to respect their appointments too.

I have learned it the hard way, people don’t always adhere to time slots. I have been to parties on the dot of time only to get bewildered looks from the hosting staff.

So now I have learned to be “fashionably late”. Not something that I’m proud of.Keeping your appointments is your way of showing you respect not only your own time but you respect the other person enough to be on time.

Self discipline prepares my children for a life where I won’t be there to breathe down their necks.

School going kids should learn to appreciate that the fundamental step to living an independent life is becoming self reliant.

Keeping track of their school activities and time-tables is now their own responsibility.

They must make sure to finish their homework. I pitch in where help is needed.

I remind them to make sure they will find their things in their designated places in the morning. As now I don’t run about helping with the chores that they can manage at their respective ages.


As discipline is the stepping stone to self discipline, both these factors play an important role in superior mental strength.There can be a conflict of opinion on this one. Some might wonder what one has to do with the other.

In my opinion self discipline indoctrinates in a person to not cut corners and focus on honest hard work all the while evolving into a well rounded individual.

Discipline gives the mental strength to say no to negative influence once children venture out on their own. The power to reason can help differentiate between good and bad habits.

The world that young adults inhabit these days is fraught with numerous addictions all in the name of having fun. It takes a lot of self discipline to walk away from these.

I personally feel teaching our kids the value of discipline is not a negative thing. It’s just inserting a few simple set of rules in their daily happy carefree existence. Rules that with time become habits enhancing their overall quality of life.

We parents will always worry about the life our kids will live once unsupervised and only hope that we taught them well.

I would like to add that these are strictly the views of the writer and I welcome all of you to contribute your opinion on the same. So how do you keep your kids on the discipline track?


Teaching Kids the Value & Art of Self Discipline



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