5 Simple Ways to Explore Easter Traditions With Kids

In the Christian calendar, Easter is the most sacred festival. It marks both the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and his promise of eternal life. Christian families choose to celebrate Easter with many activities including attending church services, taking part in fun traditions and enjoying delicious food.

Easter Sunday falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox, which is anywhere between late March and late April.

Easter traditions vary from country to country across the world. However, because Easter coincides with the start of the spring season for many, celebrations of new life are a common theme to traditions.  Symbols for Easter include spring flowers, eggs, chicks, hares, rabbits, and other baby animals.

Christian children very much enjoy the Easter holiday, but for non-Christian families, Easter is also a great time to learn more about this religion and culture. Like many other festivals, it’s full of fun and color and is the perfect time to engage kids in learning about different traditions and cultures around the world.

Here are five Easter traditions that your children will love to join in with:

1. Egg painting

Alongside spring flowers, colorful eggs are a way of decorating homes for Easter. In Germany, the streets are also decorated with eggs strung from branches.

Children adore painting eggs in whichever color or pattern they choose. You can hard boil them first to minimize the risk of mess. Alternatively, make pretty garlands by cutting paper into egg shapes, decorating, then stringing them together.

2. Easter bonnet parade

Every Easter, children around the world make a game of decorating a hat and parading their designs. It is thought that this tradition originates from a time when Easter would have meant buying or making new clothes to welcome in the springtime renewal of the year.

Children start with a simple hat which they can then adorn in any way they choose. Flowers are the most traditional way to decorate an Easter bonnet, but other Easter symbols such as fluffy toy chicks, colorful eggs, and the Easter bunny often appear. The only ‘rule’ is to make your hat as fun and as colorful as possible.

3.   Egg hunts

This is one of the most popular Easter traditions across the world and is a huge favorite with children, Christian or otherwise. It’s the perfect Easter opportunity to gather friends and family together for a big celebration.

According to folklore, an egg-laying bunny visits gardens at Easter and lays its eggs in the grass. The act of searching high and low for these eggs delights children. Of course, it is the parents who hide the eggs, which are nearly always made from chocolate. Once the game is finished, the feast can begin.

Many families turn this game into the main event for a big garden party. To make this gathering a success, kids party entertainers would recommend adding extra amusement centers such as inflatable castles or mascots for the kids to enjoy before or after the hunt. You can include an Easter bonnet parade into the event, too.

When you add a delicious buffet of food and some pretty decorations, you will have a certifiably fun event for all your family and friends to enjoy.

4.   Egg rolling

The annual White House egg roll is one of the world’s most famous Easter events for children. The US president has been hosting this event in the White House gardens since 1878.

This a big event in the Washington DC calendar and is always much anticipated by those families lucky enough to have tickets. The principal game of the event is to roll eggs across the White House lawns to see whose can go furthest without cracking. There are many other games featuring eggs, however, and as everyone leaves, guests are handed a wooden egg souvenir.

This would be a delightful event to replicate. With the help of professional event planners, you can organize a sophisticated gathering like this in your own gardens or at a nearby venue.

5.   Hot cross buns

No festival is complete without delicious food, and Easter celebrations are no exception. Aside from chocolate eggs, hot cross buns are the most well-known Easter treats.

Hot cross buns are made from a sweet dough combined with dried fruit. Each bun is decorated with a cross on top to symbolize Jesus on the cross.

Easter time is the perfect time to gather your children, friends, and family together. Enjoy the family-friendly traditions as well as some quality time together. Or, make the most of lovely springtime weather and throw a big Easter celebration.

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