5 Gifts Kids Can Easily Sew for Fathers

Every parent loves it when their child gives them a present, whether it’s for their birthday, Christmas, New Year, or any other holiday actually. And when that present is something that the child had made themselves, the parent’s joy is even greater, accompanied by a sense of pride and fulfillment. Here are gifts kids can easily sew for fathers.

Most of the time, kids create something for their mothers, but this time, we’ll be showing you something a little different. We’ll show you five gifts kids can easily sew for their dad. Dads also like presents, so this time, it’s all about them.

Denim bookmark

This is an ideal gift for fathers who enjoy reading and always have a book by their side when they’re relaxing. Since the material in question is denim, an adult will have to help the child just a little, when it’s time to use the sewing machine.

Necessary materials for this present are a piece of denim which you can cut out from an old pair of jeans, a piece of fabric that will act as a stabilizer, a pretty ribbon, a pair of scissors, a sewing machine and a thread.

First thing you have to do is to cut out the denim in the size you wish the bookmark to be, two pieces of almost identical dimensions, one being just a bit smaller than the other. Then cut out the stabilizer in the same dimensions as the smaller denim piece. Lastly, cut the ribbon about an inch or two longer than the denim piece and burn its endings so that they don’t fray.

Now it’s time to start sewing. Denim is a tough type of material, so you should use a needle specifically designed to pierce denim. A heavy duty sewing machine is also recommended, because it can sew with denim easily.

Position the longer denim strip first, then put the stabilizer, then the second denim strip, and finally, the ribbon, all on each other. Stitch the ribbon to the fabrics and you’re done. You can cut off the excess stabilizer material, just be careful not to cut too much.


Gifts Kids Easily Sew Fathers

This one can be done by hand, which means that your child can do it by themselves. Cut out a piece of fabric in the form you wish, a square, a circle, an octagon, anything works. Then stitch a second cutout to the mentioned piece by hand. Try to make the second cutout something that looks nice, like a heart or a star, it will make the keychain look much better. Then just attach an actual keychain to it and that’s it.

Laptop sleeve or bag

Useful and pretty, a laptop bag is a great gift for dads. All you need in order to make it is a piece of fabric, a zipper or a button, and a sewing machine. Cut out two pieces of fabric in dimensions slightly larger than the laptop and then stitch them together on three sides. Insert the zipper on the fourth side, or add an overlap with a button and you can hand it out to dad.

Phone or glasses case

Gifts Kids Easily Sew Fathers

This is even easier than the previous gift, and is smaller in size. As long as you can sew in a straight line you can totally make this case. All you need is fabric, felt, thread and your trusted sewing machine. You’ll be using wool felt as a lining in order to both cushion and protect the phone or the glasses from scratches.

Pajama pants

This is the most complex project on this list, meaning that only older kids who have experience with sewing can make it. Steal dad’s pajama pants for a while and trace them to make a pattern or use on the free pajama pants patterns here. Then choose a nice and soft material and start cutting out the patterns. Stitch them together, insert a string at the waistline and maybe add some pockets and the gift is ready to be wrapped in decorative paper.

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Now you know how to make a gift for dad and surprise him on Father’s Day. Whichever one you decide to create, dad will surely love it and treasure it.

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