Practical Advice for Kids Aspiring to Be Confident Adults

Bucket lists are ‘in’ now. Everyone is making a list of things they want to do before they turn 30 or 40 or even before they move on to heavenly abode. I decided to give it a try with a twist. So, I made a list of hopes and dreams, not for me but for the future generation, also known as – My Kids! This would turn into real advice they can use to be mentally strong adults as well.

Advice to Be Raise Mentally Strong Adults

Reach for the Stars

1. Everyone wants to be known as the next big achiever! I dream that my children understand that sky is indeed the limit for them. They can be whoever they want to be. However, I hope that they also know that no matter what they try to be, being human while trying to achieve is more important than any other crown that they will wear.

You do not want to reach the top and look down upon the people you have trampled to reach your destination

Love Totally & Move On When Needed

2. Relationships and people are the driving force behind each and every one of us. I dream that my children are surrounded by love and respect in all their relationships. And I hope to teach them an important life-lesson …Looking for closure in relationships is equivalent to giving away your supreme power to be happy. When you read a book, you do not wait for the author to come turn your pages or close the book for you. You decide when enough is enough, or when you want to read more.

Contribute to Society

3. Each of us have an important role to play in this society. Some of us become doctors and teachers while others might chose to stay home and care for our family members. I dream for my children to be productive members of our society. It would be lovely if they could earn enough money while doing this. But I hope that they find happiness in whatever they decide their contribution should be.

mentally strong adults

Lose with Grace

4. You win some. You lose some . An unwritten fact of life that everybody seems to ignore.  I dream that my children win every game of life. But, I hope that they also learn to take a loss in their stride. You fall, you get up and get going for the next challenge.

Forgive & Forget

5. We live in unforgiving times. People find it hardest to let go and move on from people and situations. My dream is that my children never ever face a situation where they have to forgive or have to be forgiven by someone. But I sincerely hope that they don’t follow the saying …I will forgive but not forget. Have you really forgiven someone if you haven’t forgotten what they did to you?

Keep Bettering Yourself

6. Competing with others robs you of your self-esteem and peace of mind. I dream that my children increase and improve their talents, every single day of their life. But I hope that they are aware that no matter how good they think they are at some thing, there might be someone who is better than them and that is completely alright!

Do What Feels Right

7. We are all surrounded by various relationships and the expectations that come with them. We are constantly expected to be a certain person and act a certain way with people around us. I dream that my children are strong and capable enough to deal with these expectations.

I hope that they also understand that it is impossible to keep everyone happy constantly without going crazy yourself. At some point, they should learn to do things that feels right to them and do it because it is the right thing to do.

Keep Expectations in Check

8. And continuing on the above point, I dream that my children are smart enough to not have too many expectations from people and situations. I do hope though that if they do have expectations and face any disappointments, they are brave enough to dust off and move on. You do not form relationships to get something from them, you form them because you are a social animal and it is what you should be doing.

Be Kind – To Others & Yourself

9. The act of helping someone gives you a great deal of satisfaction. I dream that my children are known for their kind and helpful nature. But I truly hope that they are also kind to themselves, especially when they feel like they have made a mistake. When you learn to be kind to yourself, you develop a new perspective of other people’s so-called mistakes.

Work & Play Hard

10. We constantly live our lives pursuing one objective after another. When one mission is fulfilled, another task is waiting just around the corner. I dream that my children are able to fulfill all their objectives and missions that they have set up for their life. But I hope that they also manage to have fun while working hard to meet their goals. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes you a dull boy/girl. I would love for them to work hard and play hard too.

When it comes to hopes and dreams, there is no end to what we want for our children. But a parent’s  biggest hope and dream will always be for their children to be have a peaceful and a joyful life!!

Share this so every child within your influence learns to be a better adult when they grow up. What is your hope for the future generation?


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Advice for Kids Aspiring to Be Confident Adults

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