6 Decor Ideas That Enhance Learning

 An environment that induces motivation and energy, as well as exudes an aura of professionalism properly infused with appropriate levels of comfort, is significant to enhance the process of learning in students. In this particular stage of life, when kids soak up everything around them,  every minute detail should be monitored and carefully implanted into their surroundings, especially in a learning environment like a classroom. An aura that harmoniously incorporates all the significant aspects required for a student to be inclined to learn, develop and think out of the box is one of the best methods to help the entire process of grasping and understanding knowledge.

In the list below, you’ll find 6, briefly explained ideas to help you choose, decide and develop the kind of environment you want to nurture the kids in as per the needs and requirements of their personalities. From posters, charts and quick notes to wall decor and 2D diagrams or 3D structures, the bar is set to explore, to play with and to be leveraged to your aims and goals. So, brainstorm, choose and decide, the future of the nation rests on these decisions.

 Posters :

Visual effects have drastic effects on the psychology of the child. As compared to hours and hours of long lectures, an aesthetic poster that conveys the information creatively proves to be comparatively very effective and efficient. Therefore, choosing to decorate the room with posters will benefit in the learning process exponentially, as well as, at the same time, enhance the environment by shifting it from bland and clinical to a bit more friendly and inviting.

However, you must have a clear perspective of the environment you want to create, based on which the posters to be put up will be chosen. Thus, choose wisely.

 Student  Work Display:

Throughout the academic year, students are handed a lot of projects and assignments about the respective subjects. The works submitted by them thus can be chosen to be carefully decorated on a wall that is specific for student work display only. This method proves to kill two birds with one stone.  How?  You may wonder, well, it’s simple; displaying their hard work gives them a sense of ownership and on top, gives them the motivation to give their best. This technique instigates a sense and environment of healthy competition necessary for growth and learning.

Class Community Wall:

The importance of this particular method is like no other. The seeds from community learning, such as in a class are, can only be reaped when the bond between the group is strong and healthy as well. This is where the ‘Class Community Wall’ idea comes in.

Decorating a wall with inspiring photographs and messages from one to another will tend to develop a  nurturing environment. This wall, however, needs to be carefully monitored and maneuvered since the tiniest of misconduct can lead to unwanted troubles and misunderstandings.

World Map Posters :

World maps can prove to be extremely informative as well as decorative for walls. A world map scratch poster, for example, can prove to be one of the best ways to use up space on your classroom walls to decorate in an aesthetic yet very informative way. Scratching off the gold foil while learning something about a new place altogether and then to reveal colorful states and lands below, can be a very creative way to grasp hold on geography

Start with a World Map Scratch Poster, the kids will enjoy scratching it while learning about places.

3 D Structures:

As stated before, visual aids have a huge impact on the mind. 3 D structures, therefore, take the concept of posters and diagrams to a whole new level. The understanding of a visual intensifies when you make the children inhale the concept through 3-dimensional diagrams. The bar of imagination becomes extraordinarily magnified through this particular technique. Be it a 3-dimensional structure of the human DNA, a skeleton or the solar system, the creativity level states the sky as the limit. Furthermore, the structures help elevate the learning vibe and aura of the classroom to yield a more practical mindset and approaches.

Wall Art and Murals

Wall Art and murals help bring a change of scenery to the very ‘set and systematic’ environment of the classroom. This change of scenery can act as a breath of fresh air in many cases and thus help uplift the level of energy in the surroundings. This can further aid in making the kids more receptive to what is being taught in the lectures as well. These murals can range from being mere decorative paintings of ecosystems and nature to messages related to diversity and love, depending on the incentive.

The environment of the classroom, besides the teacher and the techniques used to teach,  influences the learning of the children studying in it exponentially. Thus, it becomes imperative to choose and make wise decisions and take significant towards enhancing the rooms and yield extremely productive results accordingly.

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