4 US Cities with the Best Art Museums for Kids

One of the great pleasures of traveling to other parts of the United States is in visiting the wide variety of art museums that house great artworks from every age of human history. America is blessed with a population that not only understands the value of art, but also creates beautiful environments in which to enjoy these works. Here are four US cities that offer art museums worth your vacation investment.

New York City, New York

As one of the largest and most renowned cities in the country, New York City also earned its title as one of the centers for art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), the Guggenheim, and the Frick museums should be at the top of your list, but there are a number of smaller institutions that are also worth adding to your itinerary for art viewing in NYC.

Chicago, Illinois

This large midwestern city offers art lovers a broad range of visual experiences, from its public art to its smaller, specialized museums. The Art Institute offers a permanent collection of work that is world renowned, with a number of periodic, traveling exhibits that both residents and visitors to the city enjoy on a regular basis.

Washington, DC

Washington, DC offers many interesting attractions for group travel tours, and it also provides art lovers with many opportunities. The Smithsonian American Art Museum and National Gallery of Art are the top favorites, but a number of other museums, such as the Hirshhorn Museum and Freer and Sackler Galleries are also worthwhile stops for extraordinary art viewing.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles has a large population of art lovers and their commitment to preserving extraordinary works is evident at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, fondly referred to as “LACMA.” Marked at the front with its iconic collection of streetlights, a million visitors come to enjoy its collections of art from around the world and various periods in history. The Getty Museum is another institution that houses a wide range of artworks for the public to enjoy, making L.A. a must-see stop on any traveler’s tour of U.S. museums.

The United States is rich in artistic treasures that are available to everyone who wants to see them. If you and your family are interested in travel and art, you have a wide range of opportunities to see works of all kinds. These four cities offer some of the best art viewing in the country, to suit every taste.

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